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Royal BC Museum for Free

Many homeschoolers may not know that it is sometimes possible to visit your local museum for free! Our big and wonderful Royal British Columbia Museum offers homeschoolers an unlimited number of free visits to all the permanent exhibitions and galleries. You don't need to arrange this as a large and complicated field trip. You can go with just your own kids or invite a couple of friends to join you... and enjoy your relaxing day! 

" The Royal BC Museum is proud to support the education of British Columbia’s school-aged children with free admission to the permanent exhibitions and galleries."

Museum Guidelines:
  • Children are of student age (6 to 19 years, younger children are free regardless) 
  • One free adult chaperone is allowed per family. Other adults from the same family must pay the regular admission fee. If you are going with a larger group, you must have a minimum chaperone ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students (ages 5 through 13). 
  • Reserve your tickets with Group Bookings a minimum of 2 days in advance (a week is best if there is a special exhibit). 
  • For special exhibits with extra admission fees, there may be an additional fee per student; however, the designated adult chaperone still receives free entry.
  • IMAX is not included in the free admission to the museum.
You can book your visit by phone (250-387-4007) or by email using the following subject line:

"Date of Visit" - Homeschooler: "Your Last Name" 

Please include the following information in the body of your email: 
  • "Self-directed museum tour by a homeschooling family" 
  • Date of visit 
  • Time of entry to museum or special exhibit 
  • First and last names of the adult chaperone (or "teacher") 
  • Contact phone number 
  • Email address 
  • Total number of students ages 6 to 19 (children 5 and under are already free) 
  • Total number of adults and/or seniors (including the designated chaperone) 
 You will receive an email confirmation with a booking number, which you'll need to take with you to the ticket counter on the day of your visit. You can make changes to your booking at that time, if necessary. 

If you'd like to clarify any of the above information, please give the Museum a call at 250-387-4007. 

For more information about free self-conducted visits, you can also visit the RBCM website.