Science World Membership Discount

Science World Group Membership Announcement 2013/14

To all homeschoolers/ homelearners.. please distribute widely..  Deadline JAN 28th 2013 

Please note that we have less time to gather 100 application forms than we did last year.  Please make it a priority now.. and don’t wait till later.  Science World will NOT be accepting late applications this year.

Please scroll all the way to the bottom for the Application Form and instructions for downloading. 

Science World has agreed to let our group do another Corporate Membership deal again this year 2013/14 for the same 50% off Family Memberships as last year as long as we get 100 members to join at the same time. This wasn’t a problem last year (we had over 300) so we are aiming to do it again this year!

Please feel free to share this opportunity with all homelearning/ homeschooling families and support groups in the Greater Vancouver/ Fraser Valley/ Southern Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast area (anywhere within 150km radius of Science World - Boston Bar in the East, Pemberton in the North, the whole south of Vancouver Island in the west and Bellingham Wash. in the South).

Notes from the organizers.

Last year 3 of us homelearning mom’s went naively into this process thinking it would be a good way to get a discount on Science world memberships.  300 memberships and 50 hours or more of time later we are now more clear about our boundaries ;-) .  Sarah has moved to the island and Erin and Melissa are still willing to do this but we’ve spent time thinking about how to streamline the process and have had meetings with Science World to see what their expectations were for this year.

Please consider the following:

-Please read everything in this very long email carefully.  All the information is there to help you figure out if this is a good deal and if it will work for your family to join. 

-It might only take a few minutes of your time to send a quick question but please remember that it takes us time to reply and your question is not the only one! So please read first and see if your question is answered already.

-Please go out of your way to comply with the new requirements on how to apply.. We understand that it might take some of you time and effort to figure out a way to comply (we have added suggestions below in the FAQ’s) but please consider it your contribution to the process. 

-Please let your homelearning friends know by forwarding this entire email or sending a direct link to our GHVL Science World Membership page at

There have been a few new rules imposed by Science World this year so please take note: 

-This will only happen ONCE this year (no batches of late applications will be accepted).

-All Applications are due MONDAY JANUARY 28th, 2013

-Taxes will be added so the cost will be $78.40

-Payment by credit card only 

-Yes, the whole application process needs to be done again to renew your membership for this year.

Application Processes

Corporate memberships work as a “group buy” to get a large discount.  That means all applications need to be handed in by us to Science World as one package.  Please make sure all applications go to us at NOT directly to Science World. 

Please get your applications in as early as possible so we are not overwhelmed by processing applications on the deadline of  Jan 28th.  This is especially  important if you have any special circumstances that will require extra help (such as those discussed in the FAQ).  The applications must be received by Science World on Feb 1st and there is a lot of work to be done on our part to make sure every application is printed and ready.  

Credit Payments will go through between Feb 1st and 10th. Please make sure your credit card has funds available during that time.

Steps to the application process:

1. Download the Corporate membership form. Either from the attachment or you can download it from the GVHL site

2. The application is a fillable PDF so it can be filled out with the computer or printed out and filled out by hand.  Please hand write clearly.

3.  The form requires a written signature. To do this either print a copy and sign it or add a written signature with a computer program and save it.

4. If you have printed out the form please scan it so it can be emailed to us as a .jpg or .pdf attachment.

5. Tips for filling out the form: 

-Make sure all children’s last names are clear if they are different from one of the parent’s. (It’s not always clear which parent's name the kids are using.)  

-Remember to write phone numbers and emails clearly and use the email you actually check regularly. 

6. Email the completed form to

7. If you have a DL school that is willing to let you use a credit card number please contact me immediately so we can work that process out before the deadline of Jan 28th. (Science World will not accept cheques from DL's.) (see FAQ for more info)

8. Expect a confirmation email from me saying your application is filled out properly (or not) within two days of sending it in.  If its been three days and you still haven't heard from us please assume something has gone awry and contact us again asking for confirmation. (If you got your application in near the deadline, please make sure you email us by Jan 30th if you haven’t received confirmation.)

9. Once they are handed in Science Word will take a few days to process them and send out a welcome package to your home address. They should all be processed by Science World by Feb 10th.

9. When Science World informs us that the applications have been processed we will email you and let you know that you can visit Science World to pick up new cards or renewal stickers and visit Science World (you don’t need to wait for your welcome package).



Facts about corporate family memberships

Science World Upcomoing Exhibits and hours of operation can be found here:

1. The number of applications we hand in together as an organisation (GVHL) determines the price. The regular price is $140 for a family membership and $90 for a one parent/one child membership plus taxes.

With over 100 memberships we will get the family membership for $78.40 (including taxes)

2. The corporate membership goes from the month its purchased for one year. There is no options for individual families to wait until their current membership expires to start the new one. (So be prepared to lose the time if you have a current membership that's not expiring yet.)  This year’s membership will be from when its processed in Feb 2013 to Feb 30 2014  (all memberships should be processed by Feb 10th)

3. All normal membership benefits apply to those who purchase membership through this option:

-General Admission for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children for 1 year

-Discounts on all OMNIMAX® films

-15% discount in our Gift Shop

-Members-only previews and special events

-Special rates on children’s birthday parties and Summer Science Camps

-9:30 am early opening on weekends and holidays

-Annual Tech the Halls holiday party

-Free subscription to Currents, our members’ magazine

-$1 reimbursement on all-day parking (minimum 4 hours of parking)

-Free general admission to over 250 other science centres worldwide (some restrictions apply)


If you have questions not answered in the FAQ below or on the GVHL page with the application form attachment and technical instructions PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SCIENCE WORLD- please direct all questions to Melissa or Erin at


Who can be included in the corporate membership?

Any family who belongs to the GVHL- that’s all homelearning/ homeschooling families (either Section 12 Registered or DL students) or those planning too in the Greater Vancouver Area. We don’t have official membership list so if you want to belong to the GVHL you do ;-). This can include those who live in the Fraser Valley , the islands or the Sunshine coast- anyone in a 150 mile radius is welcome says Science World. It doesn’t matter if you are official members of other support groups since GVHL is just a grassroots association that has a mandate to support and give information to all homeschoolers/homelearners so if you want to “belong” to us for this one time you are welcome!

What if I miss the deadline for joining the GVHL corporate membership (January 28th)?

You can join us next year- just email us and let us know you want to be notified about joining us next year.

Can single parent families get a discount?

No, but if you are a single parent family you can share your membership with another homelearning single parent family (you’ll have to arrange that- HS-Van is a good place to ask others if they want to share). Single parent families can share membership either by filling out both names on the application or by adding a parent and child(ren) later (up to four children can be on one membership without an extra $30 charge for each extra child) but only the first parent and one email will be getting the notices and online magazine that Science World puts out and only one home address will be recorded. If you are doing this please make a note of it on the form.

Can my year start and end dates differ from the rest of the group?

No, part of the reason we get the discount is the GVHL is doing a lot of the administration work and all the applications will be processed at the same time by Science world to lower costs.

Is it OK to spread the word to our friends and families as well?

The GVHL Mandate covers all  homelearning/homeschooling (either Section 12 Registered or DL Students) or famlies planning on it when their kids reach school age.  Please share it with your local support group. Its not ok to share it with non-homelearning families as Science World has made it clear if we spread it beyond our mandate we risk all of our memberships being revoked.  Science World doesn't care about location of the homelearning families as long as they live within the 150 km radius of Science World (Boston Bar in the East, Pemberton in the North, the whole south of Vancouver Island in the west and Bellingham Wash. in the South).

What if our family has more than 4 children?

If you have more than 4 kids between ages 3-18 you will have to pay $30 per kid extra and do it as an addition when you go pick up the memberships.

If you have 3 or more extra kids you might want to consider filling out two family memberships with one parent on each form (it would be $90 extra for three kids compared to $78.40 for another membership).

Can I have other adults like friends or grandparents be the other adult or add friends kids?

Science World has asked that we don’t do this.. its just for immediate family (partners and kids). The one exception they will make is two single homelearner parents and their children sharing one membership.

What if I lose my membership card?

If your card is misplaced, you can enter Science World with a photo ID and they will pull up your record to verify your membership. If your card is truly lost, Science World will replace it for $1.

Can I combine the corporate membership with other promotions?

No, this is a big discount already- the normal family membership is $140, the single adult one child membership is $90 so either way its a discount for everybody (if you want to make a single parent membership cheaper you can share a family membership with another single parent family.)

What if I move to another province or country during this year, can I be reimbursed?

No, but since your membership comes with free admission to over 250 other science centres worldwide through the ASTC Passport Program and the CASC Reciprocal Agreement it should be worth keeping it.



What if I’m uncomfortable sending a credit card number over email?

If you are uncomfortable sending your credit card number by email please leave it blank and I'll phone you and ask you to give the number over the phone. (If you are going to do this option please do it as early as possible, and please note in your email that you are doing this. Make sure you include a phone number we can reach you at and the best times to call.)

What if I don’t have a credit card?

You have a few options

-Use someone else's credit card

-Buy a prepaid credit card (it will cost a little but the membership will still be huge discount).  These are available at grocery stores in the gift card section or right near the cash register.

-If you have a DL they might be able to pay for it using a school credit card. (More info below)

What if none of these options work for me and I need to use a cheque?

-Contact us and we will try to work something out.

Can I use someone else’s credit card?  

Yes, if you have their permission ;-)  Science world won’t fuss about a different name on the credit card so if you have a friend or grandparent that is willing to let you do it that way please do.

Can I use a Visa from my DL in my child’s name?

Yes, some DL’s like SelfDesign issue Visas for you to spend your child’s allotment. Just put the number and expiry date, don’t worry if the name on the card is different than yours.

How can I get my DL to pay for the membership?

If you don’t have a credit card issued to your child from your DL it is more difficult to arrange payment from your DL.  If it all possible please consider paying for it personally with a credit card number.  If that’s not possible please do the following

-Check with your DL and ask if they are willing to pay with a school credit card (P.O.’s or invoicing will not be accepted).

-Note the contact name and contact info for the person who is able to speak to me over the phone and share the school credit card number.

-Ask that contact person to contact me at

What if my DL says I can only use my credit card for one child and one adult?

If the school has this restriction just fill out the application putting one adult name and the child’s name that’s on the credit card you are using. When you go to pick up your membership cards you can add your partner’s name and any other children.

What if I’ve already sent in my application form I realize that there might be a problem with the credit card? 

Payment will be put through between Feb 1st and Feb 10th. If you realize there might be a problem with it going through at that time please contact us immediately so we can make arrangements.

What if I don’t have a Scanner and can’t send it in by email?

Please consider the following options

-Find a friend who has one

-Go to a copy place like Kinko’s and do it there

-Take a picture with a digital camera or an iPhone or  an other good quality smart phone (or your friends phone) and email it “full quality” to at . Make sure you use a well lit area and a steady hand (it might take a few times to make it work).

-We don’t have a dedicated fax line but we could accept a fax if arrangements were made by email. If this the only option please contact us at before the deadline so we can make arrangements.

We are aware that all this might take time and effort on your part but accepting applications by mail like we did last year led to a lot more work on our part and to people missing the deadline.

If you have questions not answered in the above  FAQ or on the GVHL page with the application form attachment and technical instructions PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SCIENCE WORLD- please direct all questions to Melissa or Erin at


To download the Corporate Membership Aplication please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the “GVHL Corporate Membership” attachment (at the bottom of this page). To download: press the blue "down arrow" on the right hand side of the document link. 
2. Open the file in Acrobat Reader (or Preview, if you are on a Mac).
3. To fill in the form on your computer: click on each line, to open a box that allows you to type in text. (You can also fill out the form by hand, after you print it.) 
4. Save the changes. 
    (Go to: File | Save, or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S on Windows or Command + S on Mac)
5. Print the form and sign it manually. 
    (Go to: File | Printor use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P on Windows or Command + P on Mac)
6. To get it back to us you have to scan and email it back to us. 

Erin Riopel,
Dec 26, 2012, 5:02 PM