One of the two options for parents who wish to educate their children at home is to register as a homeschooler. It is a simple process of filling out a form declaring that you, the parent, are willing to provide your child an educational program without governmental support or supervision. For more information and support for this choice please visit BC Home Learners Association.

All schools and DLs in BC are required to register students as homeschoolers. They are supposed to have a form that meets the requirements of the law: child's birthdate, PEN number (they will provide one if the student is new to the system), parents' names and signature along with copies of proof of citizenship or the right to be educated in Canada (normally a Canadian birth certificate or citizenship card).

Unfortunately, many local public schools are not aware of what's required and often produce a form that asks all sorts of invasive questions that are not required by law (like details of your education plan, etc.) So to avoid problems with the school administrators many homeschooling parents prefer to register their children with schools that are supportive of homeschoolers and are familiar with registering homeschoolers.

Most "Registering Friendly" Schools also offer a large portion of the small amount of money receive from the Ministry of Education for taking your Registering paperwork.  Its usually somewhere around $125 a year that you can claim from the school.  

Note:   If you are withdrawing from a DL school they are required to Register you.  If you are withdrawing from a regular school you can Register with them or you can choose a Registering Friendly school. After Sept 30 no funding goes to a school to do this process. Independent schools and out of local district schools can refuse to Register or require a fee  (in the case of independent schools).  A few Registering Friendly schools are still willing Register students after the Sept 30th date without a fee but their number is dwindling as the process costs them administration time.

Note: Registering as Homeshooler is only required for years the child is 6- 16.  Registering at age 5 (the kindergarten year) is optional as is Registering between 17 -19.