Full Day Programs

Part-time School/ Childcare Options for Homelearners:

Sometimes parents want to work... sometimes kids want to hang or learn with other kids a day or two a week... whatever the reason there are two ways to meet that need. Enroll in a DL program that offers part-time classes or pay privately to organizations that offer full day programming.

Here's a list of places that offer at least a day a week of programing for school age homelearners during school hours that anyone can join if they are willing to pay.

Fort Langley and Vancouver (East) and North Vancouver, One Day a Week at each centre
Where a small community of children follow their natural joy of learning in an inspiring environment.

Vancouver, West Side or North Vancouver
Based on the SelfDesign methodology, our program focuses on co-inspiring learning opportunities that are engaging, meaningful and challenging. Our learners receive individualized support from one of our trained Learning Consultants to discover and develop their natural skills as empowered, responsible and accountable learners. We believe in "holistic" education that nurtures the mind, body, spirit and heart of each learner.

Vancouver (West Side), 5 Days a week; Teens and a small elementary program
Complete Highschool courses in small classes with innovative teaching

 Abbotsford, Langley, Ridge-Meadows, Chilliwack and Burnaby; One Day a Week
In a Christian environment we provide learning opportunities in areas many families said they find difficult to provide at home such as: group activities, presentation skills, science labs, physical education, drama, music, dance, technology classes, field trips, Science Fairs, etc. Open to all homelearners regardless of where they are registered or enrolled if there is extra space.

Traditional Learning Academy*
Surrey; Abbotsford and Vancouver; 4 days a week; a variety of classes for grades K to 9
Classes in a variety of subjects, including science, arts, history, and languages.
Classes offered, for a fee, to all homelearners regardless of where they are registered, if space allows. TLA students (DL and Registered)  have first priority.
 All over the province, some in the lower mainland
Classes offered, for a fee, to all homlearners regardless of where they are registered or enrolled in Heritage Online School