Lots of homeschooling families juggle both parents working and homeschooling.    Its nice having child care by other parents with similar values that want to welcome your child into their lives.
Here's a list of other HS-Van members that provide childcare to homelearning families.

Ty's Day Home Care
East Vancouver, Britannia

I am happy to announce that I am opening my home to other children in our community. If you have an appointment, class, want to go shopping or maybe you just need a break, my family and I are happy to help. My home is located in East Van, Britannia area. It has a large child’s play area and outdoor space. My children are Homeschoolers / Life Learners. I believe in the power of learning through play. We have a ton of toys, arts and craft supplies, books, puzzles, costumes, musical instruments and puppets. I will be offering childminding Monday to Friday 8am-6pm at an hourly or daily rate, for children of any age, but must be walking. Discounts given for siblings. . Please contact me at to arrange a meeting..

Belinda White
East Vancouver, Fraser and King Edward

I have recently closed my LNR Bumble Bee Home Daycare which I ran for almost five years as providing full time childcare no longer meets my family's needs.
I am presently looking for families to help on a part-time basis in childcare, tutoring, and home schooling.
I have over 15 years experience in education and childcare, am active,
passionate about nurturing and educating children, and well versed in
alternative forms of education, attachment parenting, working with children who need to move a lot.....
I'd say I excel in making everyday experience meaningful and 'learning-ful', love music, dance, theatre, story-telling, living math and science, am not afraid to experiment, make a mess, try something totally new...
Also, I can be of help finding ways to add more life learning to your children's days, looking for their passions, where they excel, how they perceive, process, where they struggle, perhaps revitalize your home learning, add a fresh twist or just give you a break.
I would also be interested in getting a small group of like minded youngster's together to facilitate a group learning experience in either writing, story-building, art, science, or a combination.....
something like understanding heroes and myths and why we need them......

Plase contact me for further information and availability, I'd love to hear from you.
"belinda white" <>,
Bumble Bee
Childcare, Home Schooling, Tutoring
Home 604 873 9269
Cell 604 362 6531

Karen Bronsan
East Vancouver (Collingwood)

Looking for an AP style caregiver/homeschooler to care for your homeschool child/ren? Need a break from teaching? We are an outdoor loving family that believe in active play, no screen time and lots of messy exploration! I was a teacher (K-9) for over 10 years. My son is 6 and has a heart of gold and loves meeting new kids. My 19 month old daughter also loves meeting new kids and does her best to keep up. Our days are filled with adventures, inside and out and lots of learning opportunites. We are a short walk to Collingwood Park and have a nice sized yard ourselves. Contact me with any questions you may have! Collingwood location.
Call/ text 778-689-1175 Or email knbrosnan (remove spaces)

Sarah Eakins
Commercial Drive area, Vancouver

I am a fun-loving mama to two and a Licenced Early Childhood Educator providing professional and nurturing LNR child care from my home off The Drive for over four years now.

With two of my long-term daycare children graduating into kindergarten this year, I have the rare opportunity to offer two spaces beginning this September (possibly sooner if needed).  

My own parenting style is rooted deeply in respectful communication, compassionate guidance and attachment with appreciation for each child as a unique individual. Combined with my gentle and playful nature, the children and I create an atmosphere of joyful learning and growth.  

I am passionate about child-led learning and create a fluid environment in which children are free to develop their individual interests and skills, with quality art supplies and thoughtfully arranged outings, field trips and activities in the community.  Our main floor looks out onto a fully gated play area shared with the other families of our co-op, enhancing our sense of community and friendships
For more information or to arrange a visit to see if your family would be a good fit, please contact me at

Sandee Shorland
East Vancouver (Collingwood/ Killarney)

I am stay-at-home mother of a 3 year old girl and a 5 year old boy and will be homeschooling my son come September.
I am currently offering short-term/temporary or emergency childcare for all ages of children - I know how hard it can be to find childcare for school-age kids who are not in school! I have over 10 years childcare experience prior to becoming a mother - I also hold a Certificate in Childcare from Australia and have complete Intensive One and Two through the Neufeld Institute.

We live in a large home in the Collingwood/Killarney neighbourhood with fenced front and back yards and lots of fun and educational indoor and outdoor toys. I am available hourly, daily or weekly depending in your needs. 
My daily rate is $65 per child, my hourly rate for 5 hours or less is $10 an hour per child. 

Please feel to send me an email for further information!

Thank you,

Langley, Walnut Grove

Hello my names Meghan I run MegSpace Licensed Family Daycare in Walnut Grove Langley. I am also a mother of three lovely children in which I home school currently with TLA. I am passionate about quality child care and being a homeschooling mother.
I have been doing Daycare for four years as a LNR daycare and have recently decided to become licensed after realizing that this is something I want to continue to do and I really love and enjoy doing. I am currently excepting a few children full time or part time and I am always open for spring/summer drop in! I am open from 6:30am till 5:00pm Monday to Fridays and Closed stats. 
It would be wonderful to find a homeschooling family that is interested in childcare as well! I have preschool prgms for the little ones along with a large variety of educationional toys, games ext.. We always spend lots of time getting fresh air outside whether it's reading or doing arts & crafts on the pattio, or having lunch on the balcony, or just enjoying being kids in the great big green back yard.
We enjoy music and trips to the community cntr,library and parks along with baking, dancing and just having a good time. 
If your interested in more details please contact Meghan at or call 778-298-5525
Thank you 

Amanda's Woodland Cottage Playcare 
North Surrey

My name is Amanda and I currently have openings in my home daycare located in North Surrey. I practice gentle parenting and attachment parenting, I unschool my two children (ages 12 and 7) and I provide a very loving and nurturing home environment for all the children in my care. We very much love to spend time outdoors going for walks, playing at the park, or digging in the garden. Please visit my website at to find out all about what I offer.