Potential Classes

Classes are usually created because one or two homelearning parents decide that they'd like a day time class to happen for their family. They approach the programmer or arrange a space and then put the call out on HS-Van to find others interested in joining them. Sometimes programmers at institutions approach the Home Learning community offering their services. Either way, here's a list of classes or clubs currently looking for interest so they can run. 


  1. 1 Free PE class at Douglas College, Fall Term Registration open
  2. 2 Terra Nova Nature School, Home Learners program proposal
  3. 3 Homeschool Gymnastics West Vancouver
  4. 4 Creative Studio for Home Learners
  5. 5 Science Workshop for Home Learners at Believe in Your Child
  6. 6 Homelearners Performance Arts by Kay Barnes
  7. 7 Hillcrest Pool Home Learners Swimming Lessons
  8. 8 Flicka Gymnastics Home Learners Class
  9. 9 French Class for Non-Beginners 9+
  10. 10 Killarney Pool Home Learners Swim Lessons
  11. 11 Homelearners Concert Band
  12. 12 Horse Workshops  (drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, and science)
  13. 13 Academie Duello Home Learners Class
  14. 14 Music for Young Children Group Piano
  15. 15 Crocodile Mandarin Class for Home Learners
  16. 16 Outdoor Adventure Club with Burnaby Parks and Rec
  17. 17 Bonsor Home Learners Classes plus Out Door Adventure Club
  18. 18 Home Learners Swimming Lessons at Killarney Pool
  19. 19 Hive Bouldering Home Learners Group
  20. 20 SweetGrass Naturals Yoga for Home Learners
  21. 21 Homeschool Conversation French Class for Ages 10-14ish
  22. 22 City Centre Aquatic Centre Homeschool Swim Lessons (Coquitlam)
  23. 23 UBC Active Kids Home Learners Class
  24. 24 Art Exploration for Home Learners at Arts Space
  25. 25 Vancouver Circus School Home Learners class
  26. 26 New School of Inquiry Home Learners classses
  27. 27 Christianne's Lyceum of Literature
  28. 28 Shine On Photography Class at Luminous Elephant
  29. 29 Apple Star Learning Art-Tinker Play Class
  30. 30 Magic Trout Imaginarium Home Learners classes at Trout Lake
  31. 31 Minecraft Classes for Home Learners
  32. 32 Home Learners Shakespeare Workshops
  33. 33 Home Learners Swimming Lessons at Killarney Pool
  34. 34 Homeschool Karate Class by Canadian Champion Karate master
  35. 35 STEM Mentoring Cafe
  36. 36 Community Bioloab Project

Free PE class at Douglas College, Fall Term Registration open

New Westminster Oct 2017

Course details:

Dates:   Mondays, 12:45-2:15, October 2 to November 27;   NOTE: No sessions on Oct. 13 – Thanksgiving & Nov. 13 – Remembrance Day (observed)

Location:   Douglas College Gymnasium,  New Westminster Campus, 700 Royal Ave.

# of spots:   Depends on registration numbers (4 groups of split grades/age/ability range)

Cost:   Free (or, donation to the Douglas College Foundation - Sport Science)

Contact Ed Lunnefor registration package lunne@douglascollege.ca

Thank you for your continued support of this program!

For more info please check out our listing. http://www.gvhomelearners.com/activities/physical-activities/free-pe-class-at-douglas-college

Posted May 2017

Terra Nova Nature School, Home Learners program proposal

Meeting May 17th, 6 week Program in Sept 2017

Beyond 4 Walls- a Program Proposal for Home Education Learners. Information and Planning Meeting Wed May 17th 1-2pm Contact Nature School natureschool@richmond.ca

Terra Nova Rural Park is a 63 acre parkland, within which there is much to explore: wildlife, forested areas, water, expansive grass fields and vegetable gardens. There is also an interesting and diverse social history of peoples on the land, and remnants of their communities.

The principles of Terra Nova Nature School can be found in detail on our website, www.terranovanatureschool.com. Since its inception three years ago, we have been eager to
connect with families of home learners, as we believe we can offer outdoor experiences that compliment a home learning program. Employing emergent and place-based philosophies, our educators support a curriculum that is experiential, incorporates First Nations Ways of Knowing,and allows for adventurous, sensory learning.

The curriculum may include:

Gardening, seed saving, food security
Study of Plants and animals of the land
Survival skills- whittling, shelter building, fire building skills
Homesteading skills- food preservation techniques
Cooking- farm to table

As a beginning, we would like to propose a pilot program. We envision creating a curriculum that meets the needs of our students and families. The following is a draft of the home learners program to be discussed and altered as appropriate.

Program Timing
Begin the program in mid-September for 6 consecutive weeks.

Program Length
2.5 hours weekly, outside environment

Program Date
We’d like to know more about homelearners schedules; are there days or time frames that are generally preferred?

Learners Ages
4-12years; children 4 years of age must be in attendance with an older elementary school aged sibling.

Program Staffing
2 Educators, with a maximum group size 12 students

Program Cost
$150.00 per student, which includes program development, and teaching time. Additional curriculum and reporting responsibilities outside of the program time will affect the
program pricing.

Questions and Topics for Discussion:

In terms of the curriculum, are there certain mandated areas that must be addressed? If so, does this come from our program or the home learner’s team?

Is there a reporting process that must take place at the end of the program? If so, what does it entail?

Parental responsibilities, involvement, and home/school communication

Risk, parental consent

Kate Dawson & Emily Vera
Coordinators, Terra Nova Nature School
Tel: 604-238-8437
Website: www.terranovanatureschool.com<http://www.terranovanatureschool.com/>

Posted May 2017

Homeschool Gymnastics West Vancouver

West Vancouver Gymnastics Homeschool Program Starting Up!

Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 from May 16-June 20. (6 weeks - $96)

To sign up, reference this barcode: 38492


Creative Studio for Home Learners

East Vancouver, Mondays
I am offering another workshop series for Home Learners at Trout Lake.  Here's the info.........

Join the creative space and learn to represent your observations and ideas through writing, art, movement and drama.  Materials in the Studio and the natural landscape of Trout Lake are used to spark curiosity and facilitate learning!  Creative Studio is a child-centered program supporting children in the exploration of self-expression.  Come dressed for the outdoors and bring your sketchbook and a snack.  Learning resources and art supplies provided.  

Monday, April 3 to May 15, 9:30am-12:00pm  Register here  or by phone:   604-257-6955,  

Creative Studio for Home Learners
- 103314

Cathy is an elementary teacher and parent who has a passion for learning and nature.  She has worked in a variety of settings supporting children in developing their self-expression and confidence.  She holds a nurturing space that is child-centered, inquiry-based.

Vancouver (East on Burnaby Boarder)
6 weeks sessions. Starting late Jan/ Early Feb. and again in March
Various Workshops for kids 5-12
Need more participants to run.

Homelearners Performance Arts by Kay Barnes

Vancouver, Westside, UBC

An Adventure with Alice in Wonderland
8 Mondays, Jan 9th - March 13th (not including Feb 13th)
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Old Barn Community Centre at UBC for the first session
5-12 years old
5 spots left
Cost: $16.50/session, or $132/8 sessions

contact email  learningcoordinator@outlook.com

Hillcrest Pool Home Learners Swimming Lessons

Hi everyone,

I have been in contact with the staff at the Hillcrest Aquatic Centre and am interested in organizing home learners swimming lessons on Thursday mornings around 10am. I am hoping that they could start in early January. There would be two classes, one for swim kids 1-2 and the other for swim kids 3-4. If there are 5+ kids per class then the rate is $5.72/child/lesson.

Please email me directly loralie.hettler@    gmail.com (remove spaces) if you are interested in signing up your child(ren). Please confirm which level they would be signing up for. Once we have enough people, then I can set up the registration with Hillcrest.

Happy New Year!

Flicka Gymnastics Home Learners Class

North Vancouver

I work for Flicka Gymnastics Club and I would like to offer a class to all home learners that will run Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am for an hour. This class is mean for children ages 6 and up and will run from January 10th - March 7th 2017

The cost of the class if $153 for the 9 week session from January to March. Each child will need gymnastics BC insurance if they don't already have it which is $25 each which brings the cost to a total of $178.--

Bianca Anabalon-Paludetto
Flicka Gymnastics Club
123 East 23rd Street,
North Vancouver, BC V7L 3E2
(604) 985-7918

French Class for Non-Beginners 9+


French Class 12-1:30 Thursdays - Start date January 5th

Cost: works out to about $16-17 / class depending on enrolment. Great value!

Maximum: 4 kids - so looking for one more child to join us.

Teacher: Experience french teacher that has taught extensively in french schools. She is lovely lovely lovely and the girls are enjoying her and learning a lot.

Currenlty: all girls : 13 years old, 10 years old and 9 years old.
but a boy is welcome!

Working level: about Grade 6 french - they are not beginners.

Ikea and lots of shopping close by ;)

Please contact the Centre sooner than later so that we know the class will continue in the new year. Tell them Simone's post on Facebook so they know what you are referring to ( Im one of the moms that has a child in the class)

Laura Bouzid
Chargé des communications et du développement communautaire
Manager of Communications and Community Outreach
Flaunt Your Frenchness, an initiative of Société francophone de Maillardville
942 b Brunette Avenue | Coquitlam, BC | V3K 1C9
D: 604-515-7070
FyF : www.flauntyourfrenchness.ca
SFM: www.maillardville.com

Killarney Pool Home Learners Swim Lessons

East Vancouver,

Home Learner Swim Lessons have been posted for Killarney Pool:

Swim Kids 1-3: Wednesday 2:00-2:30pm, Jan 4 – Mar 8, Registration number 95383

Swim Kids 4-6: Wednesday 2:30-3:10pm, Jan 4- Mar 8, Registration number 95384

Swim Kids 6-10: Tuesday 11:00-11:30am, Jan 3-Mar 7, Registration number 95387

There is a minimum number of participants required for these classes to run, so please sign up early!

Unfortunately, my family will most likely not be able to participate in lessons next term at this new time & day. If anyone else is willing to take on promoting and/or organizing this (mostly on an ad hoc basis), then please feel free, and I will pass on the contact details of the program coordinator at Killarney.

Homelearners Concert Band

Update Nov 2016

I am wondering if there is interest in another 'beginner band cohort'. The group I started 3 years ago is now quite advanced, and some families have indicated they would like to have younger siblings start in a band. The group would run in Richmond on either a Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning depending on the majority of participants' availability. We would start in January if we get the enrollment (we would need 10 or more students for the group to run). Depending on numbers, it would be in my recreation room or we would rent a larger room inside my church. Please PM me on Facebook or email me at bkhoo@shaw.ca if you are interested.

Home learners concert band programs

Returning beginners/experienced players/absolute beginners

Horse Workshops  (drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, and science)

Vancouver, Southlands

My name is Kathleen and I homeschool my daughter (12). I hold a BEd from UBC and have the opportunity to offer a few workshops for Elementary Homeschoolers in mid-October through Southlands Farm (6767 Balaclava St.). Vancouver.

The workshops are based on horses (drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, and science) and are held in the stables. Classes are small, 4-6 students.
I can email you a handout if you are interested, or able to pass along the information to others who might be.
Thank you, Kathleen McCormick.

For more info see my page here

Posted: Sept 2016

Academie Duello Home Learners Class

Vancouver, Downtown
Tuesdays , Ages 6+

Longsword Class

This 8-class daytime course focuses on the medieval art of the two-handed longsword, as practiced in the early 1400s, and recorded by the Italian condottierro Fiore dei Liberi. Older students will also get the opportunity to practice medieval self defense techniques against dagger-wielding opponents.

This course is open to students ages six and up, and run Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.
Fall 2016: October 25 through December 13th
Winter 2017: January 17th through March 7th
Spring 2017: April 4th through May 23rd

Visit AcademieDuello.com to register

Posted Sept 2016

Music for Young Children Group Piano

North Vancouver
Age 5-8, Thursday

Music for Young Children classes in North Vancouver? Group, parent participation piano lessons for ages approx 5-8 on Thursday mornings. Two have registered but we need a couple more. www.myc.com/teacher/lsopwith.

Posted Sept 2016

Crocodile Mandarin Class for Home Learners

North Vancouver
Age 5-10ish, Fridays

From a GVHL member:

Crocodile school has added a daytime Mandarin class Fridays from 1:30-2:30 at their North Vancouver location.

The instructor is Vivien who we had last term and really loved. You can add an optional writing class from 2:30-3 after if you like. The writing class shows up as an option to add as you go through the registration process. Parking is free or you can take the seabus as the school is right at the terminal. Registration can be done online here http://www.crocodilemandarin.com/current-term.html
These are nice small fun classes. I also attend the class with her so I get to learn as well. I don't pay extra for that. Parents just seem to be welcome to stay. David is pretty flexible about kids ages too so if someone was just a little too young or old I would check with him and see if it is ok.

Crocodile A Class (ages 5-10)

This class is designed for children who are beginners or near beginners. Students that know the alphabet and can read simple 3-4 letter words are probably ready for this level. Children in this class learn skills like expressing likes and dislikes, asking permission, counting, naming colours, animals, parts of the body, and emotions.

Posted Sept 2016

Outdoor Adventure Club with Burnaby Parks and Rec

Warner Loat Park at Burnaby Lake
Ages 6-9, 10-14

Lukas and Suzanne have extended the Outdoor Adventure Club sign up until 12 noon on Tuesday September 13th. This is a great outdoor program and they have postponed the start date at my suggestion to increase the registration - and I want to give you a heads up about it.

They only need 4 more students to register in order to run the program, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

The class now starts 1 week later on Sept. 21 and please note that the bar codes have changed (see below).

Outdoor Adventure Club (for Homelearners)!

Play outside! Bring the love of the outdoors to your child. During the program we play fun outdoor games, paddle canoes, sling arrows like master archers and build emergency shelters. The first 3 sessions of the program are held on Warner Loat Park at Burnaby Lake (north end of lake) and the last 2 sessions are at Deer Lake, and we will be canoeing both of those sessions.

Age Day Time Sessions Price Start Date Barcode
6-9 Wednesdays 1230-3pm 5 $92.00 Sept 21, 2016 426750
10-14 Wednesdays 1230-3pm 5 $92.00 Sept 21, 2016 426751

Please don’t hesitate to call or email Lucas if you have any questions, concerns or further ideas.

River Light for:
Lucas Bjerke
Acting Supervisor, Swangard Stadium / Coordinator, Outdoor Recreation
Burnaby Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
Administrative Office
Suite 101 - 4946 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7
Direct Line: 604-294-7224
Fax: 604-294-7201
email: lucas.bjerke@burnaby.ca

Bonsor Home Learners Classes plus Out Door Adventure Club

Burnaby Parks and Rec

Bonsor Home Learners Camps (Gym plus Activity on Tuesdays) 6-14 year olds in two groups.
Out Door Adventure Camps that meet at Warner Loat Park

posted Sept 2016

Home Learners Swimming Lessons at Killarney Pool

East Van

Update to Killarney swimming lessons:

We need more kids!

There is low enrollment for swimming lessons at Killarney Pool. There are only 2 kids per class and we need 4 per class otherwise it will be cancelled.

Please register by tomorrow!

If you have already registered, could you also send me a message if you're willing/able to change to a combined class?

Swim kids 1: Thursday, 10-10:30, starts this Thursday! Activity code 81923

Swim kids 2: Thursday, 10:30-11, also starts this Thursday. Activity code 81924

Swim kids 1,2,3 combined: Tuesday, 11:30-12. Activity code 81925

If there's still interest, I'll be emailing her back later today. Please reply if you're interested.

By the way, regular registration is August 10 but this set of homelearner lessons may not be posted until next week.

Updated Sept 2016

Hive Bouldering Home Learners Group

Vancouver, Main St Location

 The program will begin on October 14th 10am-11:30am, and will run for 8 weeks. We are going to try a shorter 1.5hr program, with an optional 30 minutes from 11:30-12 for any parents who are interested in coming in to support their child, and learn about what they are doing at the hive! This will generally be non-facilitated time, apart from the first class. On the first day any parents who are interested in this option will have this 30minutes as facilitated time to run through the safety guidelines of the gym, and to learn how to support their kids in the climbing gym. The cost for the 8-week program will be $180+tax per participant. 

You can email me at beverleycjones at iCloud.com

Posted Sept 2016

SweetGrass Naturals Yoga for Home Learners

Fort Langley

Children’s Yoga (Fridays @ 9:15 - 10:00a.m)
As a mother of a home-learner myself, I am so excited to offer these small group classes to our community. We will experience age appropriate yoga postures, but that is just the beginning.... My goal is for each child to grow a sense of belonging and community within the group. In this nurturing environment we will foster confidence, self-regulation, respect for own bodies and get in touch with our unique and wonderful
selves! We will connect with our breath and how it effects our mood. We will explore our feelings and become wise in their ways. We will connect to nature through postures,visualisation and interpretation. At the same time, we will become more aware of our physical bodies and have fun learning a little about how they work.
Please come and join myself and my daughter Kiana on this awesome adventure!
Kama Knight
email is knightkama@gmail.com

Posted Sept 2016

Homeschool Conversation French Class for Ages 10-14ish

Coquitlam (Mallardville)

I'm trying to get a homeschool group together for http://www.maillardville.com/en/services/kids/kids-after-school-program/

It would be during the afternoon / lunch time on either Thursday or Friday.  It would probably start in October and be under $150 for 10 class that will be 60 to 90 minutes long. Hopefully run for the school year. Its still in the works.

It would look something like their after school classes with a focus on conversation. So covering level one and two but some experience would be nice.

My daughter will be just turned 13 years old and we are looking 10-14 years old would be a good fit and we are looking for two or three other to join.

My daughter has had a private tutor for a year , work books and Rosetta Stone

covering BEGINNER LEVEL I & II - but with a focus on conversational French.

It would probably start in October and be under $150 for 10 class that will be 60 to 90 minutes long.
Nothing is written in stone yet.

let me know if you have an interest email Simone  sage123@  eastlink.ca  (remove spaces)
Posted Sept 2016

City Centre Aquatic Centre Homeschool Swim Lessons (Coquitlam)


The City of Coquitlam is offering swim lessons at times great for homeschooled kids. Mid-day on week days, so you can learn to swim when the pool isn’t so busy. Lessons take place at City Centre Aquatic Complex, 1210 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam and are open to kids 6 – 16 years old. More information can be found at www.coquitlam.ca/ccac. [NOTE -- this information is not yet posted online, but should be posted soon/by the end of the week]


Date: Fridays, Oct. 14 – Dec. 16 (No lesson on Nov. 11)

Time: 11 – 11:30 a.m.; 11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.; 12 – 12:45 p.m.

Register Now!

Swim Kids 1 | 11 – 11:30 a.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2684 ]

Swim Kids 2 | 11 – 11:30 a.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2685

Swim Kids 3 | 11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2686

Swim Kids 4 | 11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2687

Swim Kids 5 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2688

Swim Kids 6 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2689

Swim Kids 7 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2692

Swim Kids 8 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2693

Swim Kids 9 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2694

Swim Kids 10 | 12 – 12:45 p.m. https://signmeup.coquitlam.ca/signmeup/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=2695

Caitlin Osborne
p. 604.927.3901

UBC Active Kids Home Learners Class

Update: Sept 2016

UBC Active Kids does a home learners' gymnastics class on Mondays from 12:30 - 2:00.

 If you put yourself on the waitlist for either the younger or older class(classes range from ages 4-12), they will open up another section for us. Great fun!


Art Exploration for Home Learners at Arts Space

Burnaby, Burnaby Heights
For ages 8 to 12
Mondays 1-2:30
Start Monday Sept 26th, 2016
1.5 hours per week | 10 weeks | $375+gst
(students are welcome to bring a snack for a short break during the class)

Explore and experiment with techniques and materials such as watercolour, tempera and acrylic paints, pastel, chalk, charcoal, found materials, papier maché, cardboard, and more. Create projects inspired by your own ideas and imagination while building skills in painting, print-making, drawing, mixed media, collage, and sculpture. Projects will inspire creativity and develop fundamental artistic skills.
Instructor: Michael Allard
Michael has extensive experience in teaching fundamentals of drawing, painting, illustration, cartooning and animation. Michael received his art training at Alberta College of Art and Vancouver Film School and has worked in various animation studios in Vancouver. He has taught students from age three to adults both privately and at various art schools in Calgary and in Vancouver, including Arts Umbrella and Artspace. Michael’s creative, innovative approach to teaching includes humour and fun. “I enjoy inspiring students to bring their own interests and curiosities to their art work.”
Contact:  http://www.artspaceforchildren.com/

Vancouver Circus School Home Learners class

New Westminster (at the Quay)

Just wanted to promote circus school in new Westminster's home learner classes! My son had his first class last Tuesday and was the only child present... So we need 2 more kids to join in for it to continue!
It is every Tuesday 2pm-3pm at the new Westminster quay 2nd floor (810 quayside drive). The instructors name is Scott and he was amazing last class with my hyper-active 6.5 yo son. Very patient and animated with the kids. They did some stretching and pretending they were different animals to start, moved on to trampoline and some tumbling. He even let graham try out the silks as no one is there during this time so they are free to use whatever the kids may want to give a try as well.
I may be able to get a couple people a free class pass for next class if you are unsure and just want to try, just email me at lyrissasmillie@hotmail.com :)

These classes go from last Tuesday until the end of October and will most likely start again if there is enough interest.

The price as of now is $115.50 I believe. (Side note, if you are with self design I know these classes can be put into your budget incase that's something you may be interested in doing).


New School of Inquiry Home Learners classses

Vancouver, Westside. (West Point Grey)
Age 4+

The School of Inquiry is a place dedicated to dialogue, inquiry-based learning, and personal growth. Dr. Mahboubeh Asgari has created this space to empower children to think critically, creatively and caringly. She has created the programs based on her extensive teaching experience and educational research and has brought together the most qualified and passionate instructors.

Check out her new listing for her morning Home Learners classes 

posted Sept 2016

Vancouver, Westside
Age 5+

Updated Christianne's Lyceum's Posting on the GVHL site. Tons of classes for home learners. 3 Different kinds. Literature and Art. Writing Workshops and a new Older Home Learners (12+)  Debate class.  Go to GVHL page here for more info.

Posted Sept 2016

Shine On Photography Class at Luminous Elephant

Vancouver, Granville Island
Ages 6-14

There a new Homelearners class at Luminous Elephant. The class is called Shine On Photography. Our kids love the teacher Maddy. The class starts September 15-November 3. It's on Thursdays from 9:30-11 for kids ages 6-14. At the end of the class the kids create an art installation of their work and the Exhibit is on Friday November 4th @7pm.


Posted Sept 2016

Apple Star Learning Art-Tinker Play Class

East Vancouver
Age 6-8

The best of Forest School, Reggio and Tinkering school combined. Offering mentoring and classes where the environment is the third teacher!

Are you interested in a shorter Art~Play~Tinker Class at
Trout Lake starting September 6th in the afternoons
from 12:30 to 3pm @ $25 / class. Drop in if here's space @$30. Register for the full season Sept to Dec @$22 / class
(the times can be shifted slightly to accommodate the needs of the students involved :)

If folks are more interested in the longer class, 10am to 2pm, let me know. $40 / class, $45 drop in, $35 / class Full Season Sept to Dec.

My mentoring style is based on small groups, a ratio of one teacher / mentor per 3 to 4 students. I am passionate about meeting kids where they are at, nurturing their unique styles of expression, while gently drawing out other less practiced qualities. Art~Play Class is a great opportunity for maturing children to exercise their voice, individuality, and creativity, while also learning to collaborate, work through differences and learn tolerance and appreciation of diversity. We have space to explore, to move, to make a mess, to try stuff...message me here for more information or email me at apple star learning at tamil dot com to register.

I look forward to hearing from you.


posted Sept 2016

Magic Trout Imaginarium Home Learners classes at Trout Lake

East Vancouver

About the Magic Trout Imaginarium

The Magic Trout Imaginarium  is the first “Tiny House” ever used as a community workshop space! As an unexpected public artwork, its presence attracts conversation and transforms the way we look at our neighbourhoods. As a curiosity cabinet with a modern twist, the Imaginarium as a mobile classroom, artist residency, ecology center, living archive, classroom and art gallery.

Zee Kesler is an artist, educator, community organizer and the Head Imagineer of the Imaginarium (and the Tiny Community Center project). Zee is involved in community outreach for Vancouver Mini Makerfaire where she engages and inspires Young Makers and their families through her work with the Maker Education Initiative(along with Emily Smith). Zee is one of the founding members of the MakerMobile:Workshop on Wheels; a mobile hackspace for kids and is interested in how mobile spaces can connect and build community. Zee firmly believes that inspiring spaces create inspired citizens and in order to explore these ideas further, she creates projects, installations and spaces as a means to engage playful and educational interactions that bridge gaps between language and culture. Zee will lead a series of storytelling exercises and host a series of 'happenings' in order to build our “Community Curiosity Cabinet” inside the TCC.

Weekday Thursday Afternoons 12-3pm

Sept 15-Oct 13  Learn to Build Camp Ages 7+ $190 Reg here

Explore tools and techniques that will help you turn your ideas into reality! Learn the skills you need to build anything you can imagine! Learn to sand, drill, screw, hammer, saw, router and varnish! 

Nov 10, 17,26 Intro to Calligraphy Ages 12+ $200/3 sessions(+$30 kit) Reg here

Learn the basic skills and techniques for flat & pointed pen calligraphy as well as some foundational letter forms. Come away with a basic knowledge of these two major western calligraphy tools and 3 foundational letter styles from which you can expand as desired. Kits available so participants can practice at home (encouraged) Kit includes 1 pen, 5 nibs (2 pointed, 3 flat), and angled writing board($30). 

 Dec 1 Calligraphy Pen Making Ages 15+ $60 Reg here

Learn to make your own calligraphy ink pens to take home! Best suited for participants of Intro to Calligraphy workshop or someone with previous calligraphy experience.

 To Register click here

Posted Sept 2016

Minecraft Classes for Home Learners

East Vancouver

Minecraft classes for homelearners is now up for registration. Here is the class description:

Mining the basics of Minecraft in-game player commands and the social side of multiplayer gaming and in-game etiquette. We'll also explore map-making through command block programming and redstone basics. Introduction to the MCKids private community and how we learn while we play. Curriculum covered includes Math, Sciences, Social Studies, History and keyboarding skills.

NOTE: Students must have their own Minecraft account ($35) for server access from home. Students are required to use a laptop in order to participate. Rental laptops are available for $5 per class.

Price: $161.00 (Standard charge)
Ages: At least 8 but less than 12y 11m
Gender: Coed
Sep 28, 2016 to Nov 9, 2016
Each Wed 10am to 11:30am

Hastings Community Centre

Register Here: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/vancouver/Activity_Search/mckids-academy-homeschool/61671

Or by phone 604-718-6222.

Posted Aug 2016

Home Learners Shakespeare Workshops

Vancouver (East Van, Strathcona)



DATES:  September 19 - October 13, 2016

DAYS & TIMES:  M/W/F; 9:30am - 12:30pm.  During the last week we meet on Thursday(instead of Friday) from 12:30 - 4:30, take a break, then reconvene at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm Presentation for family & friends.

AGES:  8 - 18

FEE:  $300/participant.(includes GST)


LOCATION:  Ukrainian Hall, 805 East Pender, Vancouver

Don't hesitate to contact Mike for details:  stackspeare@hotmail.com

Mike Stack is a local performer, director, and educator who has been leading Shakespeare Workshops for young people for over 20 years.  Besides his extensive work throughout the Lower Mainland Homelearning community, he is a Teaching Artist with Carousel Theatre for Young People and Bard on the Beach, as well as Guest Director at Templeton Secondary in East Van and Smithers Secondary in Smithers, B.C

 For more info on Mike and his workshops go to his GVHL page. 

Posted Aug 2016

Home Learners Swimming Lessons at Killarney Pool

East Van

Update to Killarney swimming lessons:

We need more kids!

There is low enrollment for swimming lessons at Killarney Pool. There are only 2 kids per class and we need 4 per class otherwise it will be cancelled.

Please register by tomorrow!

If you have already registered, could you also send me a message if you're willing/able to change to a combined class?

Swim kids 1: Thursday, 10-10:30, starts this Thursday! Activity code 81923

Swim kids 2: Thursday, 10:30-11, also starts this Thursday. Activity code 81924

Swim kids 1,2,3 combined: Tuesday, 11:30-12. Activity code 81925

If there's still interest, I'll be emailing her back later today. Please reply if you're interested.

By the way, regular registration is August 10 but this set of homelearner lessons may not be posted until next week.

Homeschool Karate Class by Canadian Champion Karate master

North Vancouver

Thur 1:30 to 2:30
All levels welcome

FREE Trial  Karate Classes with Sensei Hamid at Tiger's eye Karate-Do (1803 Welch Street North Vancouver) will be on Jan/5th & Jan/7th From 1:30 to 2:30pm for Junior beginner students (5 to 13yrs old)
Tiger's eye Karate-Do will help kids achieve:
● Self discipline and motivation
● Responsibility
● Respect & honor
● Increased strength & flexibility
● Increased coordination, control and balance
We provide a safe and encouraging environment for children to develop and improve their abilities. Our goal for each and every student in our Dojo is to make them the best that they can be and enable them to reach their full potential. Goal setting, responsibility and fun are introduced by testing for higher levels and maintaining consistency in attendance.
Our club is registered with Karate BC, which provides us with the tools and resources to help achieve further knowledge of karate. This opens doors to different tournaments that can lead to provincial, national and even international competitions.
For more information and a FREE TRIAL class please contact us at 604-765-9746 / 604-616-5209 or email us at tigerseyekaratedo@gmail.com. 
Under the patronage of Sensei Hamid Tarighatbin BC and Canadian National Championship.

Looking forward to see you soon at the class!

Best Regards,
 Hana & Hamid Tarighatbin
Head instructors

1803 Welsh St Nth Vancouver (Just over Lion Gate Bridge)

Homelearners class at Brainstem Learning


My 11 year old son has worked with this group over the fall. He has completed the mechanical engineering program as well as the first level robotics program. The learning process is not only fun but truly involves the scientific process and logical thinking skills to work through each weeks session. 

The group is opening a new permanent facility conveniently located in North Vancouver on Marine Drive near Capilano Mall. The group would like to work with home learners in any area of our interest. I specifically would like to arrange the robotics part 2 sessions, but recognize that most students should start with part 1. If you are interested in any of their programs listed on the site, please let me know and I can pass the information back to the co-oridinator. Once a "possible" schedule is arranged for our group we can fine tune the details. 

Each weeks session is 1.5 hours. I am suggesting a 1-2:30 time, but that too is flexible. Please note the cost can be arranged on a weekly  drop in basis or if you enroll for the full 6 weeks there is a slight discount. Also keep in mind that our kids are working with the Mindstorm Ev3 kits in the robotics class. I looked at purchasing and learning this programing on my own. It is costly and above my pay grade! With BrainStem your student is not only being taught by an engineer, but he is also a "kid at heart" who ask himself, "Is this fun?" before including it in the program. I personally appreciated that when my son became "frustrated" or hit a wall in the programming and building process he was encouraged to work through the situation by someone who knew what to do!

I am happy to share any details of the program if you have specific questions, sonyagass@   yahoo.com  (remove spaces)

or contact Sarah at BrainStem directly at sarah.baldwin@brainstemlearning.ca

Posted Dec 2015

STEM Mentoring Cafe

STEM Mentoring Cafe is a go. It will be held on Monday May 2, 2016 at UBC. The final building is yet to be determined as different groups are willing to step up and provide space.

So, if you are interested and have children in grades 6-8 (or ages 9-14 ish) then let me know if you are interested in attending. I will setup an eventbrite and facebook event page for this in the near future but just want to gauge interest at this point. I have space for 40 so want to see the numbers from the homeschooling community before reaching out to the schools near UBC.

I already mentors lined up covering the areas genetics, coding, neurology, aquaculture, conservation, chemical engineering and science communication. I also have Helen Burt, UBC's Vice President Research, confirmed as our keynote speaker.

I am trying to involve as many women STEM professionals as possible to provide strong role models for the girls in attendance.

So, keep your eyes open on this space and let me know if that date works for you. You can message me on FB or email me at vancouverwes[at]gmail[dot]com

Lastly, feel free to pass this info along to your friends and family if they have children in the target age range.

Community Bioloab Project


I have been working with a group of science enthusiasts and this past week we were granted incorporation as a non-profit society called the Open Science Network Society. Our long term goal is to create Vancouver's first community science lab along the lines of biocurious.org in San Francisco, genspace.org in New York City and Victoria's community biolab.

Our website is currently under development. For now you can access upcoming new and events on our Facebook page.

Now that we have incorporated, we hope to expand our presence through membership drives, partnering with other science groups along with working and fundraising. We were at the Mini Maker Faire and had an amazing response. In addition, we have talked to a wide range of people - scientists, artists, computer scientists, engineers, biologists, entrepreneurs, and others, and we believe there is a lot of interest here in the region.

We are a primarily a biology and molecular biology based group as that is the background and common interest of the founding members but we hope to expand to cover all that STEM covers while trying to insert an A for Art to make STEAM in order to demonstrate that science involves all walks of life. We are very much interested in creating an accessible community laboratory space for both educational and exploratory science, open to anyone interested. We believe this is an unmet need in Metro Vancouver and we feel we can help develop programs and space to help everyone enjoy science.

We are in communication with several organizations - libraries, Science World, funding agencies, etc. and I am reaching out to the home learning community for your support. If you have you would like to work with us in terms of providing expertise in STEM topics or have ideas for programs with your learning situation we would love to hear from you.

I personally am supporting the science education and science literacy aspect and hope to create classes and a science support group for kids and their parents. My bias would be to support the home learning community but providing support for all kids is the long term goal. But once again, how that would look is yet to be determined and I ask for your help in determining what you would like for science resources.

As we are just beginning, we want to do everything from setting up the lab, running workshops, teaching classes, providing research support, etc. But we do realize that our capacity is limited and we need to focus on what is realistic as the group is volunteer run and has limited resources.

This is just the beginning for the Open Science Network and if you want to have a longer conversation, contact me at vancouverwes@gmail.com and we can arrange a meeting.

Thank you,
Wes Wong (homeschooling dad)