Yoshukai International Karate Homeschool Classes

Our karate school is located in Cloverdale (Surrey) close to the Langley border. We currently offer thirty-six classes per week. We believe that karate is a tool that enables us to improve our character first and foremost. We are a progressive school teaching traditional values. For example, we were the first karate school in British Columbia to start an After School Karate Program that offered parents an incredible alternative to after school care. Also, we are the only karate school to offer karate classes based on very narrow age groups. This ensures that classes are taught at appropriate age levels and maximizes each student's learning capabilities.

Continuing in our progressive direction we are now offering a dedicated daytime karate program for home school children. Our Home School Karate Program uses the same narrow age groups as our successful evening programs. Our viewing area has seating and tables for twenty-four people. Students awaiting their class while their sibling is in a different age group karate class can work at our tables on whatever they have a need to work on. It's much like library or quiet study time.

We will work with our students/parents in this new program and invoice Distance Learning Programs as needed by students/parents. We currently have a number of Home School children in our evening classes and invoice their DL Programs as per their requests.

Homeschool lessons are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings:

6-8 yo - 9:00-9:45 am
9-10 yo - 10:00-10:45 am
11-13 yo - 11:00-11:45 am

-More about us..

My name is Mark Hepburn. I am the Chief Instructor at the Yoshukai International Karate School which I, along with my wife Shelley, established in 1993. I retired from the RCMP in 2002 to devote my full attention to our karate school. Shelley has just retired from London Drugs management to devote her full attention to the school as well.

For further information on our school and instructors you can visit our website at:
YoshukaiInternaitonaKarate. or give us a call.

Mark Hepburn
Sensei Mark Hepburn, godan shihan
Chief Instructor
Yoshukai International Karate School
101-19045-54 Ave., Surrey, BC

Note from one of the HS-Van parents who helped organize these classes..

"We have been there for the past year and have been extremely happy with it. They don't expect an upfront commitment signing your life (or chequebook) away. Parents/siblings are welcome to sit at the tables right beside the floor, instead of being 'encouraged' to stay in a back room (like a couple of other places that we tried previously).

They also have reasonable age-groupings for their lessons which was a huge plus for us and which I think helps the kids to train better. Another school we had tried routinely matched my tall 12yo up with much shorter and younger students and expected her to train/spar with them. She learned quickly to hold back because she was terrified of sending them flying! At Yoshukai she trains with kids her own age and size, and her muscle and fitness development in the past year have been truly amazing to us. "