Vancouver Circus School

Vancouver Circus school is loved by homelearners. Two locations ( New Westminster Quay and North Shore) and wonderful instructors that 'get" our kids.  They are always accommodating and willing to make classes run for a small number of kids. A treasure.

Sept 2016 update from a local home learner
Just wanted to promote circus school in new Westminster's home learner classes! My son had his first class last Tuesday and was the only child present... So we need 2 more kids to join in for it to continue!
It is every Tuesday 2pm-3pm at the new Westminster quay 2nd floor (810 quayside drive). The instructors name is Scott and he was amazing last class with my hyper-active 6.5 yo son. Very patient and animated with the kids. They did some stretching and pretending they were different animals to start, moved on to trampoline and some tumbling. He even let graham try out the silks as no one is there during this time so they are free to use whatever the kids may want to give a try as well.
I may be able to get a couple people a free class pass for next class if you are unsure and just want to try, just email me at :)

These classes go from last Tuesday until the end of October and will most likely start again if there is enough interest.

The price as of now is $115.50 I believe. (Side note, if you are with self design I know these classes can be put into your budget incase that's something you may be interested in doing).