The Circus Lab

The Circus Lab is a brand new circus arts facility located on the Langley/Surrey border in Port Kells. We offer classes in trampolining, tumbling, aerial silks / hoops / trapeze, partner acro, and other fun circus activities like juggling, plate spinning, etc.

Homelearner classes are currently offered from 11:00-12:00pm on Wednesdays. This class is an all-around class which will touch on all aspects of circus arts. All ages are welcome, including parents! Registration is ongoing so you can start anytime, as our instructors tailor their coaching to each individual student.

Fees are $15/week, payable monthly. A 10% discount applies if there's more than one family member in the class. Additional class times may be added if the class gets too large.

Contact Sara at 604-357-5277 or for more information, or check out our website at to register.

Sept 2015 Update:

 Here are the Homelearner-specific classes we are offering this fall: 

Homelearner Lab (ages 5-16): Tuesday 11am, Wednesday 11am, Thursday 11am
This class is a school hours class designed for kids that are homeschooled. Come burn off some energy Circus style! Tumble on the Floor, bounce on the Trampoline, climb Silks, swing from Trapeze and test your balance on the Slack Lines! We have everything needed to develop physical strength and flexibility in this class for all ages of home learners!  

Homelearner Advanced Lab (ages 8-16): Tuesday 12pm, Thursday 12pm
This "advanced" lab is for those students with previous circus training who are ready to be pushed even harder! Prerequisites: ability to climb to the top of the silks, and/or instructor recommendation. 

Homelearner Parent/SEA Lab (ages 5-16): Wednesday 12pm
This class was added to our schedule based on requests from our families. Although SEAs are welcome in any of our classes, this particular class is for those who need a parent/SEA on the floor with them, require a little extra attention and assistance, and prefer a smaller class environment! Come burn off some energy Circus style: tumble on the floor, bounce on the trampoline, climb silks, swing from trapeze, and learn to juggle!  

Homelearner Ninja Lab (ages 8-16): Wednesday 1pm
The Ninja Lab is for those who want to raise the bar in their Stunt Fighting/Tricking. In this 2 hour class students will learn the basics of Tumbling, Parkour, Staged Fighting, Wire Work, Rappelling and Free Fall. Students will also spend time conditioning their bodies, learning proper rope work and learning how to perform all of the above skills with safety as a priority.  

More information and registration can be found at 

Thanks so much! 


The Circus Lab
19840 96th Ave, Langley