Swimming Lessons Hillcrest Pool

If you are interested in day-time swimming lessons, there will be home learners classes at Hillcrest again this spring. The registration just opened yesterday.

Here is the info:

All of these lessons will be on Wednesday mornings from May 2 - June 27:
Swim Kids 1/2 (163175)- 11:15-11:45am (half hour)
Swim Kids 3/4 (163289)- 11:15-11:45am (half hour)
Swim Kids 5/6 (163335)- 10:30-11:10am (40 min)
Swim Kids 7/8 (165314)- 10:30-11:10am (40 min)

My daughters will be in the Swim Kids 5/6 class. Our family will often stay to swim after the lessons and then we go to the library. Feel free to join us for that as well.