Splitz Gymnastics HS Classses

Splitz Gymnastics is offering a Homeschool program starting Thursday, September 10th, 2015. Classes are 55 minutes in length once per week. Families can join the program any time. Class time is 1pm-1:55 on Thursdays.

The monthly fee of 69$ plus GST is payable automatically on the first of every month. There is an annual reg/ins fee of 25$. The program is continuous with no end dates. You may attend as long as you like. The program length is customizable by families as it is just 30 days notice to withdraw prior to the 1st of the month. This instructor led class will focus on strength, flexibility and skill acquisition with a new themed lesson plan every week. School aged children. Splitz is located in Cloverdale on 64th avenue at 176th. Registration can be done directly on the website at splitzgymnastics.com