Parkour Classes

Fall 2017


My name is David and I have been involved in parkour for over 8 years, I have been coaching for 3 and together with my friend and other coach Nik we are setting up our next round of classes.

If you are not familiar with parkour, you can check out Nik’s demo video from a few years ago! He’s even better now and actually is fresh of a 3rd place finish at the North American Parkour Championships (NAPC). Seeing is the best way to understand what is involved in parkour, and can definitely help both your and your child’s decision making process.

(Please note we do NOT teach flips outside)

Parkour at its essence is about moving from point A to point B in a fast and efficient manner, they say the spirit of parkour is in “escape” and “reach”.  To escape harm and pursuit and to reach one’s goal or others in need. The philosophy of parkour was founded on the idea “to be strong, to be useful”.

As much “hype” as parkour has in videos and in media, most of parkour is done at ground level, not giant movements at heights. We practice diligently to develop our bodies and minds through smaller movements and techniques to prepare us for more challenging ones. Safety and progressing in a safe manner is extremely important in parkour and to us, just as if you walked into a gym you need to be able to lift 10lb before you can lift 100, before you can lift 500. Parkour is a lot like this. 

Parkour also helps stimulate the mind, engaging our problems solving abilities. Focus, confidence, spatial awareness, risk assessment, belief in oneself and the ability to overcome fear, are all things I have personally witnessed students achieve.

Class times and sign up is all found here

If interested: Please contact me by email and include the name and age of your child(ren), if they are home learners or public school attendees, and your contact number. I will forward our class info and locations for the month.

We operate in Port Moody and Coquitlam only right now, exclusively on Mondays.

Please contact me by email and include the name and age of your child(ren) if they are home learners or not, and your phone number.

Please contact us ASAP, we cap our classes to ensure good coach to student ratios.

$11 per class.

 Feel free to forward this invite to friends and family!

 Look forward to hearing from you.

 David Baxter

Tri-cities parkour

Kame House Parkour


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