Parkour Classes

Spring 2018

They offer great homelearner classes in Port Moody and Langley.

Journey Parkour Upcoming Parkour Programs!

Hello! My names David and together with my partners Nik and Jessie we are Journey Parkour. We have over 25 years combined parkour experience and have been coaching with various programs since 2012. We offer Parkour classes in Port Moody and through various programs with North Vancouver, Surrey and Langley. We strive to offer the highest level of coaching while promoting fun and community.

What Is Parkour you may ask?

Parkour is the natural movement of training "your" body to get over obstacles as fast and efficiently as possible. Jumping, vaulting, running, swinging, climbing, and rolling in an urban or natural environment is most common. Parkour is better understood by seeing it in action, check out our promo video below and lets get moving!

Parkour teaches you how to be safe in your movement and environment. Children are always moving, climbing and jumping and its important for them to learn how to do these things in the correct way, not only for safety reasons but so their bodies develop the proper bio-mechanics from an early age.

Through training parkour you learn risk assessment and spatial awareness, balance, strength, confidence, develop a strong mind/body connection, an appreciation for your environment and valuable life skills such as facing and learning how to overcome challenges, many of these are lifelong skills practitioners can take anywhere they go.

Our classes are based on our own progression model developed from our 25+ years of parkour training combined with elements of some of the top parkour organizations in North America, classes consist of a variety of elements including: Technique training, conditioning, parkour courses and games!

Please visit our website for details and to register of shoot us an email at with any questions you may have!

Parkour classes start this Monday outside in Port Moody.

Here is their write up.

Homeschool Parkour with Journey Parkour

Increase your athleticism, create new friendships!

Journey Parkour offers specialized parkour programming designed to meet the schedules and needs of homeschool students.
Whether you need to satisfy your child’s physical education needs or just want to let them blow off some steam and excess energy, our homeschool programs are the perfect choice. Not only will your children grow in their athleticism, but they will also form new friendships in a healthy and encouraging environment.

Parkour is all about alternative fitness and bringing play and fun back into exercise! Kids already love to climb and play on everything, Parkour is a natural progression to that where students will safely learn how to jump, vault, climb, and fall to adapt and play in their environment. In our program we focus on safe progressions so that students build confidence and risk assessment to progress their movement skills to the next level!

Our outdoor homeschool classes are run by our head coach, Niklas, who has been running the program for 4 years, has been involved in the parkour community for the last 8 years, and studied parkour and movement instruction in multiple cities across north america learning as much as he could so he can pass it on to the next generation. He has competed 3 times in the North American Parkour Championships, and podiumed with a third place speed finish in 2015.

Classes are a monthly sign up, and run on monday mornings for homeschool students, or on monday afternoons for a mix of homeschool and after school kids.
More information and sign up can be found on their website,

In addition Journey Parkour is running classes in conjunction with the City of North Vancouver, The city of Langley, and The city of Surrey the information and sign up can all be found on their website!