Homelearners Skating at Trout Lake

Homelearners Skate Continues this year at Trout Lake Rink!  

Its now called "Family Hockey Fun" but since the public was always welcome and rarely showed up it should be quiet as usual.  There will be Hockey in 1/3 of the rink and regular skate in the rest. 

Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 from Oct 4th 2016 to sometime in March 2017

LAC cards get you in free

Regular price 
$5.65 adults
$4.00 youths
$4.00 seniors
$2.80 children

Family rate 2.80 per person

Rentals Available for $2.80 each


The ice will be ours for skating, and a section for hockey (helmets, plastic sticks and pucks provided).  This is Free/ Open/ Social Skate time with no instruction.

Hope to see you on the ice.

Trout Lake Rink
3350 Victoria Drive Vancouver
phone: 604 257 6955

NEW Second Friday Session!!  

A few homelearning famlies who can't make it Tuesday are planning on going to Friday's session.

Discount Public Skate

Fridays 11:45 - 1:15  m
Oct 7th, 2016–March 2017 (with a break for Christmas)

Trout Lake Ice Rink
3350 Victoria Drive

$5.65 adults
$4.00 youths
$4.00 seniors
$2.80 children

50% off the regular price. Limited numbers of helmets are available on site. $2.00 adult, $1.00 senior, youth and child admission. Rentals not included. .