Blood and Iron Western Martial Arts

What we do.
At Blood and Iron Martial Arts we teach the art of swordsmanship based on treatises of the ancient german masters.   We bring to life the art of the longsword, the dussack, the rapier and other historical weapons.  We teach the technical fighting skills we have learned through our historical research and combine it with our modern understanding of body mechanics and sports science.  The result is award winning sword fighters and an international reputation that is second to none. 
We are in the early stages of establishing a children's longsword program at our school.   

Our children's instructor ,Julian Shuetze,  is a former homeschooler and would like to offer other home schooled kids a challenging and rewarding alternative to the usual tai kwan do or karate class.  

In the days of olde, all noble families trained their children in the arts of the sword.
The purpose of this training was not only to encourage physical fitness, but to impart a code of conduct that included  self-discipline, respect, courtesy, and honour. 

The lessons will include 45 minutes of instruction with a 15 minute coached sparring session to follow.  All safety equipment and gear will be provided.  
Childrens' classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 and Saturdays at 10am.  Afternoon classes could be arranged upon request.  
Our prices for once a week is $50 per month and twice a week is $80 per month.

As an added bonus we would like to extend a special offer to your group.
Any group of 2 or more can take 20% off their monthly fees.  

Best regards,

Nicole Smith
Operations manager
Blood and Iron Martial Arts

located in New Westminster at 613 Front St.