Vancouver Forest Nursery

Welcome to the Vancouver Forest Nursery! We are a group of children and parents/adult caregivers who meet regularly for hiking and picnicking adventures in Stanley Park and beyond. In addition to our hiking adventures, we meet regularly to discuss children’s development and parenting approaches, have social gathering to share skills and ideas, and enjoy seasonal celebrations. All discussions and gatherings are posted on the list and all are welcome to participate and shape these happenings.

There is no charge to be part of this group and there are no rules or particular philosophy, though we do ask that you “have the best time you can while you are here and try not to hurt yourself or anyone else.” (Borrowed from the Alliance for Childhood’s “The Playwork Primer” by Penny Wilson)

Please feel free to make as regular a commitment as you can, according to your needs and abilities. While it is great to see a regular group form and thrive, this group will remain open to all. Some have also asked whether it is ok to bring children who are younger and older. Yes. While this group is primarily set up for children ages 2 and 6, parents should feel free to bring infants as well as older children. Aunties, grandparents, cousins and friends are always welcome too. This makes for a rich forest experience. And yes, please feel free to forward this to friends and post on any lists you are part of.

Dear Forest Friends,

We have decided to migrate the Vancouver Forest Nursery group to a private/closed Facebook group in an effort to streamline things. Feel free to continue to post here while we make the transition, and come on over! Here is a link to the page:

To preserve the confidentiality of our online community, Klara and I (serving as moderators for now) will keep the group open to all those who've been to outings or discussions or who are referred by those who have. We hope this migration will make it easier for us to plan get togethers, continue conversations we've started at parent discussions, and allow those who can't make it out to join in.

Upcoming Empathy Circle and parent discussion dates will be posted soon.

Thank you!
Deb and Klara

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