Trout Lake Park Day


Hello friends,

For the last couple of years I have "run" Trout Lake Fridays during summer months (usually May to end September). This year I will be continuing with Central Park Mondays over the summer instead.

If you are interested in starting up a Trout Lake Day, please do go ahead! It's easy! My advice would be to pick the day and time that suits you best, and then simply post up here, on HS Van group, on the FB page, and on the Greater Vancouver Homelearners site (you can contact the site admin, Melissa). I used to commit to going every Friday (though I'd skip a week here and there for appointments or illness of course) and would show up at around 11am, staying out until 2pm earliest. We'd meet at the playground near the beach. But like I said, if you'd like to run it, you choose the time/day/location! Put out the word and people will come (including my family whenever we can make it!) :)

Kerry xo

Summer 2013!

Where: John Hendry Park (aka Trout Lake)
When: Fridays, 10.30am onwards (always until lunchtime earliest. On warmer/sunnier days we are likely to stay out well into the afternoon)
All invited!
Recommended: sand toys, games/circus stuff, change of clothes for lake splashers, picnic blanket, snacks, sunscreen, hats, etc
There's a parking lot very close to this meeting spot, accessible off E 19th Ave. The closest skytrain station is Nanaimo.

We normally set up camp just to the east of Trout Lake beach, in the general vicinity of the concession stand/sandy playground/washrooms. Here's a link to the map:

I don't have a cellphone but I wear my HS Van pin on my backpack/stroller.

(plus two boys, 6 and 2)