Teen Homelearners Board Games Days

Next Day- Friday May 6th
Come to socialize and meet others over board or card games!  Some of us have been meeting since the fall once or twice a month in homes to play board games. It's been a great success and we love the homey feel but we are filling up homes to the brim and there are other teens being left out or not quite ready to jump in to coming into a strangers home.  In order to solve those problems we've decided to try renting space once a month in New Westminster so the teens can get to know the larger group with the hope that friendships and other events will be created from that monthly contact.  It's also a place for parents and siblings to socialize but the main focus will be giving the teens space to hang out.  We will have board games and toys for younger siblings to keep them busy and out of the older siblings' way ;-)   There's a big kitchen with coffee and tea so bring a snack to share.  The only thing missing is comfy seating for the parents.  There are no couches in the hall so we might want to bring those umbrella chairs we bring to the park days. 

Who: For teens 12 and up and their families- teens can come alone or with family (family can only come if they bring a teen!)
When: one Friday of the Month from 12-4pm (we're paying for 12:30- 3:30 with a half hour for set up and clean up)
Where: Sapperton Pensioners Hall (where Hula Hoot meets) 318 Keary St, New Westminster, BC V3L3L3
Cost:  $10 per family to start the fund on the first day (reduced fees can be arranged for families who need it).  After we see what kind of response we get we hope to reduce it for everyone (it cost $75 to rent the hall for the afternoon)
What to Bring: A snack to share and a game or two to share (please label games in case we get duplicates) and a respectful attitude

To get an idea of how many we are expecting please let Melissa at infomomster@gmail.com know if you're going to try to make it but if that's not possible drop-in's are very welcome!