Burnaby Outdoor Adventurers


To have unpolluted nature based play in forest and creeks where we can experience the seasons changing. We will stick around Burnaby mostly because it is central for our founding members. Outdoor Adventurers will meet weekly on Fridays from 10am with the option of picnic lunching together. This group is cooperative & parent participation.

We will create what we wish as we go along. This month will focus on exploring local forests and creeks to find a few that meet our vision. Warner Loat is definitely a perfect location.
Next Friday the 13th we will meet at the duck pond closest to the pool at Central Park at 10am.

Contact Arlene at arleneelliott@gmail.com  to join the Outdoor Adventurers or Request to join the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1379288762304731/
(its a "closed group" to protect the privacy of particpants.. but that doesn't mean you can't request to join.  Click on JOIN in the top right corner of the page)