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Making Movies with Jordan


My 20 year-old homeschooled son, Jordan is offering a 4-week course for movie-fanatic homeschool kids, 10 and up, but probably more for the pre-teens and teens. 3.5 hours each Saturday afternoon starting October 9. Location: our house near Costco in Richmond. Cost $100. The course description is attached.

He will take the kids through the creative and technical process of a video production. And most probably the end result will be a movie acted, shot, produced, edited, published by the kids. He will cover stuff such how to tell a story, lighting and editing. He has amassed some amazingly techy equipment in the last few years. But I'm sure he would encourage your kids bring their own camcorders, ideas, props, stories, etc.

Here is his website for some of his crazy movies:

He just graduated from BCIT this June, worked for the Olympics and is working for a corporate video production firm downtown. He also produces his own Hot Sauce Review show. He likes to work with kids and he's a good teacher.

He created this course for our homeschool group in South Delta. There are a few spots left so I thought I would see if anyone is interested on this list.

He can bill your registering school, or have the school pay online. Just let me know who will be doing the transaction and how (you or the school; credit card or cheque, etc)

Backstage Mama,
- Janet
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