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L'Atelier Exploration Studio

5097 Canada Way, Burnaby BC
Tel (604) 522 1100
Fax (604) 522 1100

L’Atelier is an exploration studio inspired by the ReggioEmilia approach to early childhood education, which encourages young children and their teachers to explore, question, and discover in a stimulating environment. Children express interests and ideas, research for further information, reflect on the experience and form conclusions. Through this process, children develop confidence and independence with encouragement from parents, teachers and community members.

One of the primary innovations of the Reggio Emilia approach is the “atelier,~ the school studio and laboratory which was conceived as an art workshop for children. The word atelier, which derives from the French language, means work room or artist studio. Historically ateliers served not only as a place where seamstresses, carpenters, painters, sculptors and other artists could create their artwork, but also as a place where people could spend time thinking and getting inspired.

L’Atelier is a place for exploration and experimentation with the “hundred languages” available to children. Children are seen as curious, capable, and competent beings. At L’Atelier we listen to children’s ideas and theories and provide provocations that will further deepen their thinking by documenting and revisiting children’s experiences with them. At the end of each course, families will receive this documentation which will be filled with images, children’s words and the children’s creations

We have programs available for children from the ages of 3 to 12 yrs old. We can also cater programming specifically for homeschoolers if it is viable.

To register for programs, please call the studio or email.
Special discounts will be given to siblings and for children registered in 2 or more programs.