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InConcert Music

"InConcert is a music program designed around the process of learning to play together, as a band, from the very first lesson.  Our Facebook page (check us out!) shows us learning together in a rock band format, but nowadays we're especially using an ‘acoustic trio’ approach – three people gathering together, with the piano as the central teaching tool, but breaking out into piano, guitar and cajun drum every lesson. I keep a specially tuned guitar in the home studio for this purpose, so students don’t need a trained knowledge of the instrument to be able to play it right away with the group. Vocals are encouraged (and added when we feel like it), but not necessary - and certainly never forced.

My home studio is in Kistilano/ Fairview area of Vancouver.  But I'm willing to travel to your group too.

We're charging $17. per student for a one hour lesson/rehearsal, but as I’m a fellow home learning parent and I'd really love to connect, I'm offering a special ‘Home Learners Taste Test’. Between Monday, May 6 and week of Monday, June 10, I’ll teach Home Learning community youth and adults a 6 week trial semester for $75. each. The method book is $10. – I suppose you’d need one per household, minimum, for practicing and general development of awesomeness. Feel free to contact us directly, at:"