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Port Coquitlam

Dive into the history of great artists of the past to understand their practices and techniques while creating works of your own.  Develop your creativity through a variety of art mediums such as watercolour and tempera paint, clay, pastels, and mixed media.  Classes will follow the new BC Curriculum for the visual arts.  At the end of the set, students will present their art work to their peers and parent viewers, as well as take a portfolio home to further develop their learning and art work. 
Leigh Square     

39511                    W                           Jan 8-Feb 5

                                                                10:00am-12:00                   $110

39512                    W                           Feb 12-Mar 11

                                                                10:00am-12:00                   $110

40830                    W                           Apr 15-May 6

                                                                10:00am-12:00                   $110

40831                    W                           May 13-June 3



Katie Hayes | City of Port Coquitlam

Recreation Leader, Arts & Culture
T: 604-927-8440 | E:
2248 McAllister Avenue | Port Coquitlam, BC | V3C 2A5