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Clayzone Ceramics

Private or group clay and wheel lessons (for those kids who are big enough to manage her wheels) for $85 for 4  2hr classes, including clay.  For older kids or teens when they are comfortable with her studio and the equipment they can come anytime on a drop in basis for $50 a month if they pay $25 a bag for clay. (cheaper than her adult drop in rate)

ClayZone Ceramics is an intimate gallery/class space owned & managed by Artist Sculptor Aline Beth Marshall, a graduate of Capilano College in 3 dimensional arts, specializing in sculpture in bronze and stone and clay art both ‘thrown and hand built’

CZ Gallery displays local clay artists’ work. We encourage artistic self-discovery and creative sharing through the marvelous medium of clay. Enjoy a warm, inspiring atmosphere with knowledgeable, supportive staff.

661 E. 15th Ave email:
Please call to book your times. Tel: 604-568-1582

Children: Start anytime. Meterial incl. 2 sessions $40, / 4 - $75
6 - 16 yrs Wed @3:30 - 5pm. Pro-D days @1–3 pm
5 - 10 yrs Sat @10:30 - noon. Teens; Sat @1 - 3 pm.

Adult: Try it! Materials included.
Pottery Wheel: make mugs, vases, bowls.
Hand Build larger bowls or platters
Wed/Thurs @7- 9:30 pm Sat. @ 3 – 5:30 pm. Two sessions $60
CREATE/GLAZE Three sessions $80.

Adult: Beginners pottery course 6 wks – $145 +Materials $30
Next start date Tues. May 14th @6:30 – 9:30 pm.
Learn basic clay methods slab, coil, wheel, firing glazing.

Adult and Child (3 - 9yrs.) 2 sessions $70, 4 sessions $130
Sat @1 - 3pm. or pre-arrange weekday

Home Schooling: Thurs/Fri @12:30 - 3:00 pm


661 E15TH AVE, VAN BC V5T 2R6