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4Cats Arts Studio

4Cats is a studio where children ages 2 to 15 are treated as artists and are exposed to real art materials. Where students develop art conversation while creating projects they are incredibly proud of!

Each month (or two) we study a different artist and work in the mediums of that artist. For example, if we are studying Andy Warhol we do silk screening, Picasso: we do ceramics, sculpture and acrylic on canvas painting. When we study Georgia O'Keeffe we make a large canvas flower.

The students also get to learn art history at the same time. We talk about interesting, age appropriate facts for each artist. Like Andy Warhol had 25 Cats named Sam or that Georgia O'Keeffe ate dirt when she was little!

Our classes are based on fun as well as technique. We use professional artist materials, silk screens, canvas, acrylics, palette knives, pottery wheels, kilns…

Students are encouraged to work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.

The teacher is not viewed as the centre of the classroom. Classes are based on art conversation not lecturing. We have interesting stories to tell while they are working and relate these stories to the student's own life.

We provide as much guidance as the students wish to receive. We suggest and teach technique.

We offer once a week artist based studio classes (Artist of the Month Classes)

As well as -
- clay and sculpture
- Star Force Classes
- Stop motion animation
- Drawing Classes

And a description of our classes here: 
4Cats Arts was created Joey Simon, a mother to three wonderful homeschooling boys.

There are 19 Lower Mainland locations

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Registration Info:

 Registration is open - Visit to view the schedule. We will gladly set up a new Homelearner session time for five or more children if the studio is available.

Studio's Currently Offering Homelearners Classes: (Updated Aug 2017)

Kitsilano Location: (Vancouver West side)
New Time….Thursdays 1:30-2:30  
Suitable for Ages 5-12

September 2017: Artist Focus - Henri Matisse      Choose Kitsilano location, class begins Thursday Sept 7, runs Sept 14, 21, 28. Time 1:30-2:30  $49

October 2017 : Four session Art Class with various topics    Choose Kitsilano location, class begins Thursday Oct 5, runs Oct 12, 19, 26. Time 1:30 -2:30  $49

Parent Participation classes also available for ages 2-4 - please see website.