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The Conversatorium

The Conversatorium

For gifted, asynchronous & independently-minded learners.


Who are we?

The Conversatorium is a Vancouver-based learning studio devoted to the social, emotional and intellectual development of gifted, asynchronous and independently-minded learners.  We are scholars, artists, educators andprofessionals.  Our mission is to support young thinkers in profound and holistic ways so they may develop with confidence.

What do we offer?

We offer inspiring programs and services for teens, aged 11-18. We also offer family and individual consultations and counselling on giftedness related issues.

Independent Learner Program
 (unlimited seminars + regular advising + writer-in-residence =ILP!):
Through the Independent Learner Program teens benefit from unlimited seminars and regular advising twice amonth.  This is a flexible and fun option where teens become part of a learning community of like-minded others and also get to work on theireducational and life goals with a skilled mentor. This appeals to teens who are home-learning and seeking to branch out from the family tree; teens who are doing distance education credits and seeking support and connection; and teens in regular f/t or p/t high school who are seeking a better social experience and more freedom and control over their learning.
Our seminars are unique offerings designed purposefully with the gifted adolescent in mind. Interdisciplinary concepts, rich materials, highly interactive discussions, and top-notch facilitators who are both experts in what teach (e.g. philosophers, mathematicians, writers,  social activists,  psychologists etc) and who understand how to teach advanced learners.  These are not simply enriched high school classes but are closer to university level courses rendered accessible for teens. Don’t bedaunted by the “high level” sound of some of these seminars. Yes, they are meant to be a challenge but they are also fun and fully engaging no matter your previous experience with the subject. All learners will be supported and guided to learn and engage in ways they have never experienced before. For current seminar offerings & dates check out:
Through ongoing advising, learners are guided to develop and pursue meaningful goals, explore their passions and curiosities in-depth, and develop learning skills across subject areas. Advising may involve tutoring and/or enrichment in particular subjects; study & planning skills; reflective activities for social & emotional learning; career development; mentorship in a particula rcraft or skill; university preparation - including support in developing a portfolio and admission materials for home learners.  Advising is a space for highly personalized learning at its best.
Members of the ILP have access to our writer-in-residence who will offer workshops, organize contests, give readings and meet with writers one-on-one.
Counselling & consultations for families & adults:
We also love to meet with families and individuals to explore issues relating to giftedness across the lifespan (career development, relationships, adult education, life goals),twice exceptional learning, parenting, social and emotional development, and educational planning and learning choices for exceptional learners. We offer ongoing counselling as well as one-time consultations.

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Psst! Check out "5 Keys to Happiness for Gifted TeenLearners" the mini movie on the website!