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Terra Nova Nature School Home Learners

Update: July 2017

  We had a successful and engaging meeting in late spring, with parents from Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver in attendance. Based on the information and ideas we collected, we developed a pilot project for this fall session. We are looking forward to offering the first Home Learners Program at Nature School from Sept 21- Oct 26, once per week on Thursdays,from 11:30am-2:00 pm, for a program fee of $157.50 for the 6 sessions. We will have 3 educators teaching this class to provide responsive inquiry and learning experiences.

Registration opened yesterday though the City of Richmond Online registration system. If you could pass on the link and program number we would be most appreciative. The website to register is and the program number is #2090838, program title is “Beyond 4 Walls-Home Learners” or people can register through the call centre at 604-276-4300. It is listed on page #85 in the Leisure Guide.

Meeting May 17th, 6 week Program in Sept 2017

Beyond 4 Walls- a Program Proposal for Home Education Learners. Information and Planning Meeting Wed May 17th 1-2pm Contact Nature School

Terra Nova Rural Park is a 63 acre parkland, within which there is much to explore: wildlife, forested areas, water, expansive grass fields and vegetable gardens. There is also an interesting and diverse social history of peoples on the land, and remnants of their communities.

The principles of Terra Nova Nature School can be found in detail on our website, Since its inception three years ago, we have been eager to
connect with families of home learners, as we believe we can offer outdoor experiences that compliment a home learning program. Employing emergent and place-based philosophies, our educators support a curriculum that is experiential, incorporates First Nations Ways of Knowing,and allows for adventurous, sensory learning.

The curriculum may include:

Gardening, seed saving, food security
Study of Plants and animals of the land
Survival skills- whittling, shelter building, fire building skills
Homesteading skills- food preservation techniques
Cooking- farm to table

As a beginning, we would like to propose a pilot program. We envision creating a curriculum that meets the needs of our students and families. The following is a draft of the home learners program to be discussed and altered as appropriate.

Program Timing
Begin the program in mid-September for 6 consecutive weeks.

Program Length
2.5 hours weekly, outside environment

Program Date
We’d like to know more about homelearners schedules; are there days or time frames that are generally preferred?

Learners Ages
4-12years; children 4 years of age must be in attendance with an older elementary school aged sibling.

Program Staffing
2 Educators, with a maximum group size 12 students

Program Cost
$150.00 per student, which includes program development, and teaching time. Additional curriculum and reporting responsibilities outside of the program time will affect the
program pricing.

Questions and Topics for Discussion:

In terms of the curriculum, are there certain mandated areas that must be addressed? If so, does this come from our program or the home learner’s team?

Is there a reporting process that must take place at the end of the program? If so, what does it entail?

Parental responsibilities, involvement, and home/school communication

Risk, parental consent

Kate Dawson & Emily Vera
Coordinators, Terra Nova Nature School
Tel: 604-238-8437

Posted May 2017