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School of Inquiry

Fall Schedule at The School of Inquiry:

Located at 4406 West 10th Ave. (at Trimble) Vancouver, The School of Inquiry is a place dedicated to dialogue, inquiry-based learning, and personal growth. Dr. Mahboubeh Asgari has created this space to empower children to think critically, creatively and caringly. She has created the programs based on her extensive teaching experience and educational research and has brought together the most qualified and passionate instructors.

** For a full list of classes (you can download the brochure) and their descriptions, please visit 
** To learn about the instructors, please go to: 
** To register: email OR call: (604) 782-4474 OR click on classes at: 

There are some classes in the mornings for homelearners. If parents are interested, Mahboubeh can include 2 classes of Art and/or Big Questions on Fri. (before and after Big Questions) for the age range the parents request.

The 1st period of Fall starts on Sep. 19 and goes to Oct. 31 (6 weeks).
The 2nd week of Fall goes from Nov. 1st to Dec. 12 (6 weeks)

For more info, please visit