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Muddy Boot Prints

Out and about adventures is an outdoor, early learning program for ages 4-6. We meet once a week to build, explore, learn and play together outdoors. Children will be given the opportunity to explore and learn through the natural world. We play rain or shine!”

We value those who have connected with and cared for this land and acknowledge that our programs take place on unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations

Mission Statement:

Out and About Adventures is an urban out-door, early learning program based on the philosophies of Forest School but modified to work in an urban park setting. Children will be given the opportunity to connect with nature and each other through repeated visits to the same natural space. This allows the children to play in an ever changing playground that always presents new opportunities for play and exploration. We are a child-directed, play based program where children are viewed as capable, curious individuals. We believe that when children are given the time and space to play in the outdoors, truly amazing learning can happen.


Our Vision:

The natural world provides us with a calm amidst our urban lives; a place to breathe, room to move, and freedom to explore at one’s own pace. Through participating in ‘Out and About Adventures’, children are given the chance to get to know the natural places in their city and form a relationship with the natural world through repeated visits to the same natural space. Our hope is, that as these children grow they will come to value and care for the natural world as an important part of their life experience.

Introducing our new program for school age children! Ages 7-12

We will be starting a program at Jericho Beach Park this summer and continuing on with a regular program throughout the school year.

Registration for the summer camp opens June 7th and registration for the September program will open June 30th.