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Miranda's Creativity Centre

Hands On Creative Classes for Home Learners 
Sept- Dec 2013
Vancouver (West-Side)

These courses are offered to support the education process begin offered by 
parents, and are taught in the comfort of my own home. Small group size 
encourages self-directed learning and creative thinking, and the multi- aged 
grouping naturally promotes social development.

About Miranda.

For over 25 years I have been a passionate advocate of children's education 
through student centred, creative activities. I have been operating and teaching 
in my own Montessori school since 1992. I also have 20 years of experience as a 
therapeutic tutor, and with my husband, am proud to be raising two daughters ages 
12 & 15.

For additional information or to register for a class please call: 604-739-6661 or 
email me at 

Classes will run from September 16- December 5, 2013
6, 2013 (12 sessions) and are limited to 6 students.

Time: 1.00-3.30pm
Cost: $400 (per term, one afternoon per week) Where: 2888 W.19th Avenue
(Classes missed due to holidays Mondays may be made up on Fridays during the same term.)

Contact Miranda at

Sewing  Mondays: Sept.16-Dec.2

In a fun and relaxed setting learn basic stitches using real needles, embroidery
floss and hoops. As each student masters these basic skills they will be encouraged 
to design their own projects such as small quilts, wall hangings, bags etc. More 
experienced students will have support in creating additional pieces that are of 
interest to them; doll or teddy clothing, or perhaps a sleeping bag for a special stuffy.

Big Bang Theory:  Tuesdays: Sept. 17- Dec. 3

Science takes a trip around the solar system and looks at origins of life through 
creative and tactile activities. The children will use spin art to make galaxies, and
comets created will be thrown across the park! We will explore the characteristics
of each planet and the children will use paper mâché and modelling clay to
build their own solar systems. Once back on earth we will discuss the theory
of evolution, and the children will create posters or dioramas of life on earth
millions of years ago. Volcanoes will be constructed and dinosaurs will be studied. 
Learning will be self-guided and students will engage in their own particular areas of interest.

Oceans and Ocean Life  Wednesdays: Sept. 18-Dec. 4

Students will learn about the four oceans using interactive and creative techniques. 
They will identify the oceans and paint them on a map. Each child will make a
model ocean complete with plant and animal life. Following the students’ interests, 
artistic projects will be designed to create dialogue and increase knowledge and
understanding. Mediums such as clay, paper mâché and fabrics will be used.
There will be discussions around what impacts ocean life and the environmental
protection that is required. A field trip to the beach and tidal pools may be planned
with parent consent.

Famous Artists  Thursdays; Sept. 19-Dec. 5

Learn about famous artists. Students will be introduced to Monet, Picasso, 
Georgia O Keefe, Renoir and Pollock, or can choose their favourite artist to study. 
Discussion and hands-on learning will deepen understanding of these artists' lives 
and work. Each student will make a poster to display the artist's country of origin, 
flag and interesting facts. A variety of mediums will be supplied to the students for 
the creation of their own artwork. There will be indoor and outdoor activities, and 
with permission an inspirational trip to the beach or forest will be planned.