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Michael Jones' Home Learners Classes

Course Offerings for 2014/15

Michael Jones is a certified BC teacher who will come to your home or any other place you arrange and teach small groups of kids in the following subjects.  Last Fall and Winter sessions were popular with small groups forming all around the lower mainland.  Contact Michael if you're interested in creating a class in your area.  

Course Offerings for the 2014/15 year
French as a Second Language   Within a few short weeks your child can be speaking in French as he or she participates in various activities that make learning a new language fun and exciting. This is for elementary and high school age students, grades 5 – 12. Separate classes will be organized for students according to their age: 6 – 9 years, 10 – 13 years, and 14 – 18 years old. Special emphasis will be given to French conversation skills and dialogues in various settings as well as reading and writing.

Creative Writing for Children, Story Writing   Students will learn how to write stories that hold a reader’s interest by focussing on how to: write a good introduction, build interest and suspense through rising tension, and finally resolve a story’s central conflict with a powerful climax. They’ll be shown several stories written by professional writers and will be given the opportunity to try their hand at writing comedy, scary, suspense, and dramatic stories. (Classes to be organized as above, according to students’ ages.)

Creative Writing for Children, Poetry   Having fun with words will be the theme for this session, as the students learn how to express themselves in all kinds of ways simply through words on the page. They’ll learn about all kinds of poems such as: free verse, change, narrative, found, onomatopoeia, and haiku as well as how to make use of things like rhythm, rhyme, metaphors, similes, and alliteration. (Classes to be organized as above, according to students’ages.)

Social Studies   Projects and various creative activities such as historical plays will form a big part of this session. The students will learn what it may have been like for people who lived long ago in the past and how they tried to deal with the challenges that confronted them. They’ll be making models of, for instance, factories or inventions from the Industrial Revolution, or relief maps of Canada or other countries around the world, or dioramas of manor life during the Middle Ages. At the same time, they’ll also learn about the stories from our past, such as how one teenage girl, Joan of Arc, almost single-handedly changed the outcome of a major war in the Middle Ages. (Again, as above classes will be organized according to students’ ages.)
French Immersion Social Studies   individual or group classes can also be scheduled for those parents who would like to have their children begin a more in-depth program of learning French, in this case through Social Studies.

English as a Second Language  As a certified ESL teacher, I can also help your son or daughter very quickly learn how to improve his or her English skills for speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Cost:  $15.00 per hour, per student      
            5 week session, 2 hours per week:                 $150.00
            6 week session, 2 hours per week:                 $180.00
            8 week session, 2 hours per week:                 $240.00
            10 week session, 2 hours per week:               $300.00
To arrange a class please contact Michael at: (home phone)  (604) 825-4205 or by email at: