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Science and Math

Our experience with homeschooling our daughter taught us how wonderful the experience can be, for all of us. She has grown in confidence, learned to understand and acquire knowledge rather than just grades and most importantly, had the time to explore a variety of other interests.

But we also realized that there were subjects we were going to find challenging to teach as she entered high school. From speaking with many homeschooling families, we realized they felt the same about math or advanced science.

Our home-learner’s courses and packages are designed so students can attend for just one course or even spend a few days each week learning math, science and programming. E-tutoring, Classes and Test Prep are available.

At Lantern Academy we believe that students develop confidence when they learn how to learn. Our methodology empowers our students to question, explore and discover while learning new concepts. We are excited about how technology has created a learning revolution with abundant resources available online to children today.
Our classes are conducted for small groups of 4-6 students. We believe children learn more effectively in small groups, rather than one-on-one or in large classrooms.
Classes are held for 2 hours each week. This includes online teaching tools, exercises, discussions and periodic tests, facilitated by a subject expert. Each of our facilitators has real life experience in the subject. Courses are taught in modules using blended learning methods.

A desire to inculcate a love for math in our daughter led to us homeschooling her in middle school. As we designed a curriculum that included classes, online courses, workshops and exercises we found that her speed to learning increased as time went by and she really enjoyed her classes. As friends and family asked us to help with math and science for their kids, we started to develop a more robust curriculum that included robotics and programming.
Our interest and desire to showcase STEM learning to school students led us to start Lantern Academy. We follow the principles of Blended Learning combining small group instruction in the classroom with digital tools. Our students are able to learn at their own pace and learning in small groups enhances the learning experience.

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