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Homelearners Programs at SelfDesign Learning Centre

Vancouver: Jericho Centre

From science, drama and photography to writing, art expression, cupcake decorating and more, there is a class for every student’s interest this spring at the Self Design learning circles. The learning programs are open to all (not just enrolled SelfDesign Learners) Classes are held at the beautiful Jericho Hill Center in Kitsilano. 

Winter 2016/17 Update

Winter term will see a return of some favourites:  

by Daedalos Academy and Ancient Cultures are back, for both older (ages 11 and up) and younger children (ages 8-10).  

Our new classes this term include Creative Writing: Be a Reporter, Mathalicious: Math in Real LifeForest Survival Skills, Cartoon Boom - drawing and animation (provided by the Lumouns Elephant Art Studio) and Paper Engineering (provided by Dr. Elaine Decker, a professor in Education at UBC and an expert in Humour Studies).  

Classes run for 8 sessions, starting January 18th.  Costs for each course are $140.00 ($150.00 for Robotics).

Please e-mail for questions and registration.