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UPDATE: NEW VANCOUVER CLASS forming for Spring 2013. Check out the Potential classes section

It was great connecting with you again about our NASA award winning creative technology learning lab, We greatly appreciate your efforts in endorsing and communicating information about our evolving programs to home learners in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and throughout BC through the Greater Vancouver Home Learner Network and your GVHL website).  

One of our recent home school parents and TLA teacher writes: 

"This award-winning, NASA approved, interactive and engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) class is an outstanding program for all students, in particular for advanced/gifted students.    My son, Liam, took part in it this fall and absolutely loved it! (He can't wait for the next session to begin!) Drs. Anne and Steve Berman are passionate about what they teach and about children, and made an extra effort to connect with each child during each and every class."
    - Melinda Johnston-Harder

We are focused on STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT educating K-12 students, providing professional development for educators, and adult educational innovation programs.  While we teach internationally, in BC alone, during the past two years, Steve and I have taught over 1,000 students and 300 informal and formal educators.  
DIGIVATIONS is committed to supporting the needs, interests, aspirations and abilities of home learners and have also developed and delivered specifically tailored programs for students designated gifted and special needs (high function autistic).  We continue to dialogue and collaborate with home learner families, as well as those who follow the conceptual framework of unschooled to develop programs which are creatively engaging, deeply substantive, instill self confidence, kinesthetic (movement) and designed around a framework which incorporates DIGIVATIONS methodology and curriculum. In addition to being fun, relevant (materials are refreshed and based on current innovation events), rigorous and engaging, each DIGIVATIONS program is tailored to incorporate specific interests of the students in each class/workshop cohort and follows their lead (see our robot play with virtual sets made in Minecraft below) while being sensitive to parent's budgets and realities of the costs of program delivery.

We are offering new opportunities in collaboration with the Traditional Learning Academy (TLA) starting in February that we wanted to bring to your attention for you to share with your community.  Here is a link to a flyer which provides details of a few of our DIGIVATIONS TLA classes:

3-classes at TLA which are open to the broader home school community: Introductory, Advanced/Gifted, and Special Needs classes in Surrey, BC (Fees range from $150 - $300 for 6 weekly 2-3 hour classes)
SKYPE LIVE classes for BC students with personalized instruction - $25 per 2 hour class (Materials TBD)
Pre-Recorded SKYPE Classes with Subscription fee of $144.00 = 12 weeks @$12/class with limited Instructor feedback through a DIGIVATIONS™’ ImagineSTEM™ blog.

Teachers, parents and students (ages 7-15) are invited to attend a free open house/information session on Tuesday, February 5 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. at the TLA Annex in Surrey where there will be fun, exploration, and discovery with Robots, Rockets and LEGO Serious Play and light refreshments.

Parents can request entry to the Open House and to our classes on the TLA registration form:   
Joy Godwin, 1-800-745-1320 Ext.109 or email  
For class content information: email us at or telephone: 604-628-9825.

Our SKYPE LIVE classes deliver relevant, rigorous, engaging and fun programs and also serve as an effective avenue for students and DIGIVATIONS to continue working together after specific classes or workshops have concluded. Students can have access to and contribute to DIGIVATIONS weekly updated ImagineSTEM blog class specific blogs and meet with us on SKYPE in small groups.  

For instance, in April, we are holding a 3-day workshop on Bowen Island with the Island Discovery Learning Community which will be open to the larger community.  Interested families will be able to continue exploring, learning and engaging with us after we have concluded our Bowen workshop through SKYPE LIVE.  We are promoting the idea of community lending libraries hosted by various home school organizations so that families of students who are more remote can access materials similar to those used by DIGIVATIONS for hands-on building problem based learning challenges. In the meantime, students can use their own LEGO, and other home based or upcycled materials for their projects.

We will also hold our Spring Break and Summer ACADEMIES at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre in Delta, BC, as well as other Vancouver and lower mainland based locations. Additionally, we will hold a diverse slate of tailored and  Pro-D programs at the JCC (41st and Oak) and other Lower Mainland locations including Surrey, Langley, White Rock, among others, please see ( 

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you and other home learners and can be contacted through our email below and/or telephone number which is 604-628-9825

Thank you in advance for your time and interest.

Drs. Steven and Anne Deane Berman


Students learn, collaborate and have fun in our classes.  The content is always changing because it is tied to current events and innovations.  Many of our students are in their 3rd year with us and some have become very successful Teaching Assistants.  We use a proven three step methodology to deliver our unique STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum which is designed to enable students with different learning styles (aural, visual and kinesthetic) to access their multiple intelligences. Core distinguishing aspects of our program include delivering relevant, rigorous and hands-on/kinesthetic material which incorporates innovation with current and historical events.  Students contextualize and connect with multidisciplinary subjects encompassing  science, technology, engineering, math, creative arts (story/movie making, drama), humanities and kinesthetics (movement-sports).  

As inferred by the name, DIGIVATIONS has codified the concepts of digital innovation since 1998. We use the digital domain to inspire our students to creatively engage with STEM materials fostering them to become the "next generation of innovators." One example of a DIGIVATIONS digital collaborative effort used different digital tools ranging from our ImagineSTEM blog covering specific STEM content, robotics programming, use of computer/game programs and movie creation applications to produce a fun hands-on theatrical experience. For example, over three days, our 2012 Winter Academy students (ages 7-14) explored and investigated topics covering extreme eco-systems, different forms of habitable life, and commercial space which provided the content for a student-produced live performance of an original robot play using virtual sets created in Minecraft: see link to our movie:

Anne Deane Berman, PhD 
DIGIVATIONS Co-Founder, A NASA Award Winning International STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT Creative Technology Learning Lab. 

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