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Creative Writing for Children Society

Happy New Year Homelearners! Join the Creative Writing for Children this spring! 
Dates: February 5 for 10 weeks
Day: Wednesdays 9:30-12:30 in Port Coquitlam
Age 10-18 (inquire with your teacher about using CWC towards highschool credit)
Mentor: Stacey Matson

Please contact me, Heather Gretton, at hgretton for more information.

This ten-week creative writing program tailored for the homelearning community will explore the magic of descriptive and poetic language. Each week is an interactive three-hour class comprised of a reading discussion, writing tips and tricks, and activities designed to educate and inspire students aged 11 to 17. We will be learning about poetic forms, short story structures, and having lively conversations about the weird and strange world we live in, and how to best use it as fodder for fiction. 

Each student produces an individual book or combined anthology comprised of poems, short stories or one longer novel that will be professionally desktop published.

Stacey Matson is a children’s writer, storyteller, and writing instructor. Her Master of Arts thesis in Children’s Literature from UBC became her first novel, A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius. There were two more books in the series, Scenes from the Epic Life of a Total Genius, and Notes from the ---- Life of a Total Genius.

Stacey has taught with the Creative Writing for Children Society for five years, where she mentors children aged nine to sixteen through the writing and publishing process of their own stories and novels. She is also co-founder of Ink Well Vancouver, hosting adult writing workshops that focus on children’s literature and help to build the children’s writing community in Vancouver. Stacey volunteers for The Writers’ Exchange, a literacy organization, where she mentors at-risk kids in Vancouver. 

Stacey’s most recent junior fiction novel, Finding Cooper, was published by Scholastic Canada in September 2019. 

In her spare time, Stacey is a woman of a thousand hobbies and interests. Alongside reading all the novels she can, Stacey plays tennis, dances, swims, skis, and takes any class she can find, from needle-felting to trapeze. 

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Please contact Heather Gretton for more information
regarding the CWC homelearning program: