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Creative Writing for Children Society

Creative Writing for Children (CWC) Series for Homelearning Children, starting in January 2019..

Age 10-18 (inquire with your teacher about using CWC towards highschool credit)


Theme: Plays and Playwriting

In the winter term of Creative Writing for Children, CWC Homelearners will be exploring plays and playwriting. The term will start with an introductory exploration of Shakespeare, and we'll move forward from there all the way to Harry Potter. The term will include novel and play studies. Students will be writing their own plays, as well as learning about designing sets, costumes and the basics of directing. We will have a performative reading of the students’ creative pieces at the end!

Students are given tools to write and illustrate their own books, based on the writing theme from this term. The books are then professionally published with full-colour covers and binding.

Meet our Mentor: Published Author Stacey Matson:

Stacey always wanted to be an author, but she took some long detours along the way. She grew up in Calgary, AB., where she completed a BFA in theatre at the University of Calgary. Stacey moved to Ottawa to run the Parliamentary Tour and Educational Outreach programs on Parliament Hill.

Eventually, her love of writing took over, and she moved to Vancouver to complete her MA in children’s literature at UBC. Stacey’s thesis for her MA program became her first published novel and the beginning of a planned trilogy with Scholastic Canada.

Stacey's Books: A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius; Scholastic Canada, 2014; Scenes from the Epic Life of a Total Genius; Scholastic 2015

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