Activity Listings

There are many classes and activities offered to homelearners, during school hours, throughout the Lower Mainland.
If you cannot find the type of class you would like, you may be able to start one yourself. Many of the programs currently available were originally organized by a member of the homelearning community. It might just be a matter of contacting a local community centre and asking if they could offer a certain program during the day. Or, if you are willing to put the work in, it is possible to organize a program and run it yourself. There are many public and private venues which rent out space, and you can find and hire instructors and mentors yourself (if you need them).

Not everything going on for homelearners is listed here.  Just what I come across.  There are groups that organize lots of activities and are very focused on a specific location in the lower mainland.  Make sure you connect with all the groups in your area by joining every group that applies to you.
The programs listed here are diverse: There are programs run by community centres, private organizations, and homelearners themselves. There are structured classes which require registration, and informal drop-ins which allow homelearners and parents a chance to hang out, or do activities together. The listings are organized by category, with cities and ages listed with each activity:

One time events and activities, such as picnics, gatherings, and shoreline cleanups. 

Classes in the planning stages. They are often just waiting for enough people to show interest before they offer the class. 

These are often organized by home learning families, for their kids to be able to regularly socialize and explore a common interest with others. Often free or low cost. 

Drama, theatre, music, visual arts, dance, etc. 

Traditional P.E. programs, skating, fencing, swimming, circus arts, and more. 

Science, foreign languages,  literature and writing, language arts, history, outdoor education, etc...

These are not homeschooler specific activities, so are mostly offered evenings and weekends, or during the summer. They are classes and activities that other home learners  have enjoyed and recommended. 

Note: We do not necessarily endorse the programs listed. Our aim is to provide a listing of as many programs as possible, to give local homelearners a central place to find activities and browse through what is available. This is not a comprehensive list; if you know of something we have missed, please email us the information so we can include it. We do not charge anything to list activities.